CNN Guest Schools Don Lemon; Country Displeased With Jan 6th Commission

CNN Guest Schools Don Lemon; Country Displeased With Jan 6th Commission

Don Lemon and CNN contributor Phil Mudd clashed on Thursday over how much Americans care about the Capitol attack. Mudd also called a redacted affidavit regarding the Mar-a-Lago raid “boring.”

On Don Lemon Tonight, Mudd participated in a discussion regarding the release of a portion of the affidavit that prompted a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. A court said on Thursday that some of the records might be made public soon.

The former CIA and FBI employee claimed that the media’s request for documents about the raid on Trump’s residence would be “boring” if not provided in full, however he did not object to the redactions.

A full affidavit, he said, would be Sex and the City while a partial one would be “Leave it to Beaver.”

Mudd responded, “I didn’t actually see Leave it to Beaver, but it’s boring,” when Lemon asked what he meant. I have seen sex in the city. It’s fascinating. The documents will be monotonous. How much more do I need to say, Don?

Mudd contended that the DOJ would heavily redact a search affidavit before it was disclosed, rendering it effectively opaque. Many Republicans would then be in the dark and question if Trump was being unfairly targeted by the government.

He contrasted it with the DOJ being compelled to discuss an ongoing investigation, which would not be good.

Later, Mudd said in reference to Trump’s legal troubles involving millions of Republicans: “This story, I think, is underreported.” Let’s combine a couple parts. Did you notice the margin of loss for Liz Cheney? almost unprecedented She fell short by nearly 40 points. My argument is that the American people are expressing their displeasure with the Jan. 6 commission and their belief that you have exaggerated what transpired on that day, in addition to their anger. You skip ahead to the Republican response to the raid. Defund the FBI, they advise.

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Lemon responded to Mudd’s claim that Wyoming only accounts for a small portion of the nation.

Mudd said, “Yeah. Don, but if you consider the number of individuals who believe that the results of the election on January 6 are invalid and the number of people who still support [Trump], that’s a sizable portion of the populace.”

Both parties concurred that the nation’s divisions are worrying and the current situation makes FBI personnel anxious.

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