Oh Boy, After THIS, Kevin Costner Probably Regrets Backing Liz Cheney LOL

Oh Boy, After THIS, Kevin Costner Probably Regrets Backing Liz Cheney LOL

I am not sure what Kevin Costner was thinking when he endorsed Liz Cheney. Did he not realize what a toxic political character she was? Perhaps he’s family friends with the Cheneys and felt obligated to humiliate himself online, for her? Or maybe we can’t see it, but Dick Cheney is holding a gun on him off camera? Either way, endorsing a big unpopular loser like Liz Cheney isn’t the smartest move.

So, what gives?

Well, many people are wondering, what are Kevin Costner’s political beliefs?

Here’s what I found:

Since 1992, Costner has financially supported a variety of Democratic politicians like Al Gore and Tom Daschle.

He also campaigned for Barack Obama in the final days of 2008.

Costner also publicly campaigned for the Republican Phil Gramm in 1995.

This has caused much confusion to many, wondering which party he sides with.

In the 2020 elections, he had a lineage towards the Democratic party, supporting Biden’s bid for the presidency.

He’s a Democrat, who once campaigned for a Republican. So, it makes sense that he supported Cheney, he’s probably also got Stage 5 TDS.

So, after the picture came out, with Kevin wearing a shirt supporting Liz Cheney, he got razzed a lot. But now, after Liz lost by a staggering 40 points, he’s really getting mocked.

One Trump supporter made this very funny meme referencing Kevin’s theatrical flop “Water World.”

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“So he really dances with wolves, eh?”

“I choose to believe he was given that shirt and had no idea what was written on it” 

“Much like Water World, Liz sunk.” 

“It’s just shows that Hollywood not for the people”

“Why are actors always so out of touch with what normal people want?” 

“Unpopular opinion… I actually LIKE Waterworld. Sure it’s a bit ridiculous, but still it’s a fun movie. God knows it’s better than some of the crap coming out today. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia LOL” 

“I’ve always thought The Postman was his worst movie. But THIS shirt was his worst move” 

“I wonder who told him Liz lost by 40 points lol” 

“nice man boobs, Kev” 

“I wish all actors would just stay out of politics. Just do your job and please shut up, you’re too rich to understand real issues” 

I don’t think his foolish endorsement will hurt his hit show, “Yellowstone,” but it would be nice if clueless politicians stopped chiming in on politics.

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