Liberal CEO Who Raised Everyone’s Salary to 70K, Now Under Investigation For Rape, Forced to Resign

Liberal CEO Who Raised Everyone’s Salary to 70K, Now Under Investigation For Rape, Forced to Resign

Do you recall the liberal CEO who cut his salary by 94% to raise the salary of his employees to 70K a year? His name is Dan Price, and he was the CEO of “Gravity Payments” out of Seattle. Price quickly became the most popular CEO on the planet for putting his employees first, but it looks like outside of work, he had a totally different and very disturbing reputation. Price is now accused of rape, and this isn’t the only allegation against him. There are several, so authorities are taking this latest report very seriously.

The New York Post reported that the “$70,000 CEO” Dan Price’s abrupt resignation from the helm of Gravity Payments this week came as he faced a new allegation of purportedly raping a woman, according to a bombshell report.

Price, who made international headlines after he slashed his own pay to $70,000 while raising minimum wage at the company, resigned as CEO this week amid reports that he had grabbed a 26-year-old woman by the throat after she rejected his advances.

But Price’s resignation came shortly after he was contacted for a response to a rape allegation, according to a report late Thursday.

Police in Palm Springs, California have recommended that Price face a charge of rape of a drugged victim. The executive has not yet been charged in connection to the alleged incident.

Kacie Margis, a model and artist, told the New York Times she and Price were dating for about three months when the alleged rape occurred during a trip to Palm Springs. Price allegedly booted Margis out of their hotel room for hours so that he could take a phone call, despite the fact that she was only wearing a bikini and a cover-up.

“He said it is so hard being him in the world because of his intelligence,” Margis said.

After their argument, Margis returned to the hotel room and took a cannabis edible. Price purportedly entered the room and attempted to initiate sex, but she rebuffed him.

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Margis told police that as she drifted to sleep, she felt Price penetrate her even after she repulsed his advances. She “worried he would kill her if she tried to stop him,” according to the New York Times.

“Did you just rape me?” Margis said she asked Price, who denied he had assaulted her.

Margis texted a friend that she was “shaking so bad and could hardly speak.” She added that Price had “looked me dead in the eyes and said what I know happened didn’t happen.”

The New York Times said its report was based on Margis’ account, the police report from the incident and conversations with three individuals whom she had contacted shortly after the alleged rape occurred.

Price pleaded not guilty in May to misdemeanor charges of assault and reckless driving in connection with an incident in which prosecutors alleged he attempted to kiss a 26-year-old woman in his car and then grabbed her throat when she rebuffed him.

Gravity now has a minimum wage of $80,000 and reported record revenue last year, according to a tweet Price posted Wednesday.

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