Dan Scavino Publishes Urgent and Cryptic Tweet, Calling On President Trump to Play His Ace Card

Dan Scavino Publishes Urgent and Cryptic Tweet, Calling On President Trump to Play His Ace Card

On Monday, FBI agents raided and ransacked President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, while he was in New York City. They busted into his home and even opened his safe. According to Brian Kilmeade from Fox News, they did this because they believe President Trump took “classified” documents with him when he left the White House.

President Trump issued a statement:

MAGA is outraged at what happened. Most believe that this was the final straw, and a “civil war” is on the horizon. There’s no way we can coexist with these America-hating communists.

Social media has gone completely crazy over what happened, and Dan Scavino added more fire and fury when he jumped on Twitter and urged President Trump to announce he’s running RIGHT NOW with a “cryptic” tweet that simply said: “DO IT — 45! #TRUMP2024

The idea is if Trump announces he’s running, anything that happens would be considered “election meddling.”


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Here’s what people are saying online:


“My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us.”

“Heck yeah. Announce now! Just do it.”

“He should announce tomorrow, coming down the escalator at Trump Tower “

“I was honestly leaning towards him not running. Now…. I think he should run and announce it now!!!”

To all those who are laughing and slapping each other on the back remember this. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” Because that is exactly what you have done. Make the announcement, Trump. #MAGA” 

“I just felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to pray. God is definitely on the move, but so is Satan.”

“He better announce NOW”

“Guys, he needs to announce tomorrow… seriously.” 

I agree. I think it’s time for President Trump to announce. If they wanna play ball, let’s play ball. Joe may have some crooked FBI agents, but Trump has the American people.

Let’s GO!

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