Many “DeSantis 2024” Republicans Are Now Claiming Cheney’s Defeat Had Nothing to Do With Trump or MAGA  

Many “DeSantis 2024” Republicans Are Now Claiming Cheney’s Defeat Had Nothing to Do With Trump or MAGA  

I have been talking a lot about the “DeSantis 2024” movement and how dangerous this is to our America First movement. I’ve explained how it’s being used by NeverTrumpers, Dems, and the GOP establishment to sow division in our movement. Also caught up in this web of division are many moderate conservatives who are not huge Trump fans, but love DeSantis. Some of you get it and understand where I am coming from, and others still don’t. Maybe you think I don’t like DeSantis, and I am just a “hater.” That’s not true. I like Ron, I’ve always been a fan of his, but going against President Trump in 2024 is selfish and political suicide. Ron’s time will come, he’s young and brilliant. But his time is not right now, unless President Trump, who is the clear leader of this party by a long shot, decides to not run in 2024.

What I don’t like is this manipulative propaganda the DeSantis crowd is pushing. I see it everywhere and it’s really infuriating to watch these moderate conservatives, who are supposed to be on our side, pushing this idea that Trump and “MAGA” have nothing to do with the Liz Cheney defeat. This is such utter bullshit, forgive my French.

If you think the political bloodbath Liz Cheney just went through, wasn’t thanks to President Trump, and wasn’t caused by her Stage 5 TDS, and her outright “WAR” against Trump and his MAGA supporters, you’re completely nuts and shouldn’t be taken seriously ever again. And you also might have TDS, to boot, and that could explain why you can’t think straight.

This whole narrative started with this tweet from a conservative columnist by the name of Bethany Mandel. She said this: “The Liz Cheney story isn’t about MAGA or courage. It’s about her constituents feeling like she left them behind and stopped listening. They voted for a representative and she stopped being that.”

Bethany is a DeSantis 2o24 supporter. This is the message that she’s putting out there.

But it’s not just her. Other big “online conservative influencers” are pushing this messaging as well.

This is a Daily Wire reporter. I like much of Ryan’s work and his tweets, but pushing this lie is not helpful to our cause. But we see this sort of thing a lot from the DeSantis crowd.

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I am actually a big fan of John Cardillo, he’s one of my favorites. He’s a DeSantis guy through and through and as you can see, he’s sending out another similar message. Almost feels like everyone on “DeSantis 2024” got the memo and their marching orders, right?

John is wrong. It had so much to do with Trump, and Trump is the reason many are fed up with establishment RINOs and are finally making a HUGE move to get rid of them.

This is also why 8 out of the 10 RINOs who voted to impeach Trump are gone… that didn’t happen because Americans are just “generally fed up” — it happened in order to send a very clear and concise MAGA message to the establishment: America First is here to stay.

But it gets worse. When someone responded to John’s tweet with this comment: “None of these wins would have happened if it weren’t for Donald J. Trump.” He said this: “Stop being a cultist for one politician. You can support the man but also be an honest analyst.”

The left calls MAGA “cultists.” Very disheartening that John is now using leftist attacks against people on his side. I really like this guy’s Twitter timeline, I sincerely hope he sees what he’s doing and changes gears.

Again, I am not calling anyone out so you can go bash them, I just want you to be aware of what’s happening because this “DeSantis 2024” movement has the potential to be a powder keg. We’re not there yet, but we’re edging closer.

I think someday DeSantis would make a great president. I don’t think that “someday” is 2024 unless Trump steps aside, which doesn’t seem likely since his popularity is off the charts. So, I believe that anyone who is pushing this “DeSantis 2024” right now is not helping, but hurting our cause.

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