24-Year-Old Athlete Suddenly Collapsed On The Field and Died

24-Year-Old Athlete Suddenly Collapsed On The Field and Died

I am sorry to report once again that another young, healthy person has dropped dead suddenly, and the reason is “unknown.” Although, I am sure we can all guess what MIGHT be happening here…This time it was an Irish Hurler. His name was Dillion Quirke, and he was only 24 years old at the time of his death. Dillon died at Tipperary University Hospital yesterday evening after he collapsed 28 minutes into a match between his club Clonoulty-Rossmore and Kilruane MacDonaghs.

This is happening far too much. There’s another story out there this morning about a 31 year old actor who just died in California while visiting family. This is insane how many of these stories we’re seeing, and imagine all the ones we’re not seeing. Life insurance companies are reporting a 40 percent increase in deaths of people 18-49 years old. What? That is unthinkable. And nobody seems concerned about this. Nobody is wondering why this happening? My God, we’re letting the media and Big Pharma turn society into soulless ghouls, aren’t we?

He was rushed to hospital by ambulance having been treated by medical staff at the game but sadly passed away.

BBC reported that a Tipperary hurler has died after collapsing during a county senior championship game on Friday. Dillon Quirke, 24, was carried off the field at Semple Stadium in Thurles just before halftime. The match was stopped as Mr Quirke’s Clonoulty/Rossmore teammates, opponents Kilruane and the Knights of Malta attended to the player, RTÉ reports.
He was taken to Tipperary University Hospital in Clonmel where he later died.

Irish president Michael D Higgins said Mr Quirke’s death was an “inestimable loss” to his loved ones and the local community in a statement posted on social media.
Taoiseach (Irish PM) Micheál Martin also expressed his sympathies, saying that he was “shocked and saddened” to hear about the hurler’s passing.

The media are just sitting there, shrugging, and saying how sad it all is, and how they’ll be missed, and going about their day as if all of this is totally normal. It’s crazy how this happening and there is no outrage or people crying out for investigations.

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