Conservatives Alert DEA After Trans Activist Admits to Sending Prescription Hormones to Random Kids Online

Conservatives Alert DEA After Trans Activist Admits to Sending Prescription Hormones to Random Kids Online

The left has no regard for laws. They’re a completely lawless bunch of commies who believe they and their twisted causes are above all rules and regulations. Well, one trans activist may be finding out the hard way that laws and rules actually matter. The person’s name is Eli Erlick, and he’s a “left-wing trans activist.” And what he’s admitting to online, seems extremely illegal. Eli took to Instagram where he admitted to mailing out his (and his friends) extra hormones to any random kids who contact them online. “No questions asked.”

He states in his Instagram post that he’s targeting “trans youth.”

That doesn’t sound very “legal” or safe, does it? I went on Eli’s Instagram and tried to find his post. I wasn’t able to locate it, so it may be deleted, or I might not have access to see it.

But here’s a screenshot of the post below. Eli complains about laws that are in effect which criminalize hormone therapy, and how he and his friends had an “idea” to send out their “extra prescriptions” to random “trans youth” on the internet, free of charge, and no questions asked.

Can you imagine anything more irresponsible and illegal than this?


Conservative writer Matt Walsh led the charge and contacted the DEA. He urged other conservatives to do the same. Here’s what Matt said: “Submitting a tip to the DEA right now to report Eli Erlick’s confessed conspiracy to ship prescription hormone pills to minors nationwide and internationally.”

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He also included the phone number:


Apparently, giving out hormones like this is a big thing happening online. It’s called the “Grey Market.” If you look it up, it mainly talks about adults sharing their hormones, but it doesn’t mention minors, although I am sure plenty of underage kids have access.

But Eli appears to be specifically targeting minors, which takes this to a whole new level of evil.

Matt Walsh says he’s not letting this go:

By the way I’m not going to let this go. I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to ensure that this scumbag faces consequences for the crimes that have been confessed. Will be personally following up with law enforcement next week, as well as @ucsc.

Members of protected classes may have grown accustomed to never being held accountable for anything, but I’m going to do what I can to make sure that this one at least faces the music.

I’ll also be giving out the number to UCSC and the DEA tip line on my show. Both will be flooded with hundreds if not thousands of calls. I have a very, very motivated audience. Enjoy your weekend, Eli!


Let’s hope that the DEA takes this seriously and investigates this person and his friends.

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