[VIDEO] We Now Know What The Mar-a-Lago Security Tape Captured During “FBI Raid”

[VIDEO] We Now Know What The Mar-a-Lago Security Tape Captured During “FBI Raid”

We know that when the FBI entered the home of President Donald Trump, they would not allow his lawyer to observe their search and they reportedly asked that security cameras be turned off. The cameras were turned off at first, but Trump’s lawyer had them turned back on, claiming the FBI did not have the authority to make that demand. And now, we’re getting a lot more details about what those cameras actually captured and how everything went down. Eric Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s show where he explained how the events played out and what he plans to do with the tapes.

First off, we know what they captured on the tapes — everything. According to Eric, the family could watch the entire raid unfold, remotely from Trump Tower in New York City.

Can you imagine that? Watching the raid of your home by perfect strangers, rifling through your things, and pawing your wife’s clothes? It’s so disgusting.

Eric explained to Sean how frustrated he and the family was with this very “coincidental timing” of the raid. “We’re 90 days out, Sean, from the midterms. It’s not surprising, this timing is not surprising, and it’s backfiring on these people.”

Hannity asked Eric if he still had the surveillance tape and if he would end up sharing it with the country.

Eric said that he would share it when the timing was right.

You can watch the video below:

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Thank God they didn’t turn off those cameras. There is no reason the FBI should have free rein to paw through your stuff with no one watching them. This idea that they’re “above reproach” is ridiculous, especially if you know their past actions or are paying even the slightest bit of attention to the Whitmer “kidnapping” trial.

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