[VIDEO] Trump’s Former Speechwriter Says He’s Uncovered PROOF FBI is Hiding Crucial Footage of J6 “Pipe Bomber” 

[VIDEO] Trump’s Former Speechwriter Says He’s Uncovered PROOF FBI is Hiding Crucial Footage of J6 “Pipe Bomber” 

There have been a lot of questions swirling around the January 6th events. Mainly, because the left has used that day as a political weapon against President Trump, and a way to attack his supporters, and inflict tyranny upon the American people. If you look at the response from the left, you’d think January 6th was a “911-style” attack when in actuality, it was largely a peaceful protest that got out of hand for a few hours, and the only person killed, sadly, was an innocent, unarmed Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt.

But the left has latched onto this thing something fierce, they’re like a dog with a bone, and they won’t let go, because they can use it to hurt President Trump. But so many things aren’t adding up. And one person who has cracked open the “January 6th” plot the most is President Trump’s former speechwriter, turned investigative journalist, Darren Beattie. He’s now the face and name behind the very popular conservative site revolver.news.

Revolver has an entire library of January 6th investigative pieces that have busted open what many are calling the feds’ operation. You can literally read their entire library of January 6th investigation work here. It’s fascinating and will open your eyes and your mind to many new theories. I encourage you to read it. Let’s put it this way, if it wasn’t for Revolver, we wouldn’t even be talking about Ray Epps… that’s how much solid work they’ve done.

And speaking of “busting things wide open,” Darren is back at it, and this time, he’s dug up proof the FBI is actively hiding critical footage involving that so-called “pipe bomber” that has mysteriously never been identified or caught… rather strange, right?

We’re to believe that some young guy in a hoodie, who is captured on a slew of cameras, holding a “bomb” has never been found by the feds?

Seems hard to believe, right?

Well, maybe they don’t want to find him… and that’s where Revolver comes in:

Darren Beattie shares the summary of what he found in this video:

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An exclusive analysis by Revolver News can prove that the FBI is in possession of, but has refused to release, security camera footage of the January 6 pipe bomber planting the pipe bomb at the DNC building at 7:52 p.m. on January 5th.

This extraordinary revelation should be the immediate subject of Congressional inquiry as to why the FBI has stonewalled release of the footage.

An executive summary of the missing footage has been condensed in this video below:


This is a great “taste” of what Darren uncovered, but in order to get the full meal, you need to head over to revolver and read it.

You can find the piece here.

Let’s see if the January 6th show trials share this info, right? I’ll tell you what, we all know that won’t happen, but when the GOP takes over, they better investigate the investigators, and they should start off by reading everything revolver has written on the topic.

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