[VIDEO]This Man’s RIGHTEOUS Rant Over “FBI Raid” Sparks Hundreds of Patriotic Comments Online 

[VIDEO]This Man’s RIGHTEOUS Rant Over “FBI Raid” Sparks Hundreds of Patriotic Comments Online 

Everyone is still reeling from that North Korea-style FBI raid and ransack of President Trump’s home. The feds busted in, disabled the security cameras, wouldn’t allow Trump’s lawyer to oversee what they were doing, and broke into Trump’s safe and pawed through Melania’s closet for about 10 hours. It’s one of the most disgusting things most of us have ever witnessed. And then, on top of that, the next day, Joe Biden went on vacation, and took his lying, cheating, scamming crackhead son on Air Force One — as if to say to all Americans, “You can never catch me.” What a slap in the face to every one of us, and just more proof that we live in a two-tier justice system.

The left-wing political elites have nothing to worry about. They’ll never be held responsible for their crimes. Look at Hillary Clinton, she bleached tens of thousands of emails off her computer while she was under a congressional subpoena, and nothing happened. Nobody was raiding her home, were they? And it’s getting more and more frustrating. This liberal “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude from the left is stomach-turning and Americans are noticing and they’re finally speaking up.

This amazing patriot is one of those people. He’s sickened and fed up by the FBI raid on President Trump, and he’s never felt more angry and disgusted. His righteous clip sparked hundreds of amazing responses. Everyone is feeling the same exact way right now.

Well, I told you the other day how much I love the comment section over at Citizen Free Press, I read them all the time, and now, those patriots just came through with over 400 comments, just on this one man’s video. I’ll share some of them with you below, but head over and read the rest of them when you get a chance. You can look here and here.

“He speaks for all Americans. Kudos, Sir.”

“Patriotic Americans who love this country and its constitution are the new illegal immigrants in this country!”

“we’re in for a massive struggle to rein in the corruption.”

“All democRAT Communists are above the law in obamaLAND, formerly the USA.”

“Exactly! Like the rest of us he will now be audited by the 86 thousand IRS agents which will be the version of Hitlers’s SS!”

“Amen Brother..”

“To stop Trump from becoming president again they may end up making him king. The American citizenry have had enough of the current Democrat party! We have awoken from our long slumber and are very angry. We the people of the United States demand the resignation of Garland and Wray. Together they have destroyed trust in their respective government institutions and for that alone they should both lower their heads in shame while they resign. Only vote MAGA until all these America hating pieces of dog donut eating maggots are out of our once great nation!
We not only need to clean house but we need to disinfect as well!”

“The truth resonates when it is spoken. Lies and deceit not so much. Thank You for speaking it.”

“The last line is a WINNER!!!! “Illegal Immigrants are above the Law! They get more deference than the Former President of the United States!!!!” That says all you need to know about our tyrannical Marxist leaders!”

“He’s right about that comment on illegals. They probably don’t even get frisked as they are allowed into the country.”

“Am I the only one who thinks that this guy because he’s chosen to speak out will now be facing multiple IRS audits?

“WELL SAID….Gutsy guy when you now how easy it could be for him to be on the other side, the one he’s exposing.
true Patriot”

We’re all in the same boat right now, feeling the same sense of anger and frustration. But we have a way to put these scumbag elites back in their place. Whatever you do, please, get out and vote in this year’s midterms. Vote straight Republican, and let’s dethrone these out-of-control communist elites.

I don’t want to hear any “We can’t vote our way out of this” nonsense. Stop with that garbage. Yes, 2020 was a sham, I know. But put your head down and go out and vote like your life depends on it because it does.

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