[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Warns Chris Wray, That He’s Got an “Army” of FBI Whistleblowers Ready to Take Him Down

[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Warns Chris Wray, That He’s Got an “Army” of FBI Whistleblowers Ready to Take Him Down

The one thing that always irked me about the FBI was that the lower guys, the field agents, the working stiffs, have never come forward to call out what was happening inside the bureau. This is why I decided long ago that the entire FBI was rotten at the core, and there was no saving them. Now, I am wondering if I was wrong after a slew of “working stiff “whistleblowers have actually come forward to call out the lies, politics, and illegal, and morally wrong garbage that’s been going on inside the FBI.

Jim Jordan says that he’s amassed an “army” of whistleblowers who are standing by, just waiting for Joe Biden’s regime to fall in the November midterms so they can come out and tell all. Now, either these guys are patriots who want to tell the truth, and will blow the lid off of everything, and take the top FBI echelon down, one by one, or these are pawns being used to pacify us, and the upcoming FBI hearings will be nothing more than “Benghazi Theatre.”

I guess time will tell, but for right now, Jordan is sending a warning to Chris Wray, that he’s got the goods to destroy him… Let’s hope he’s right.

You can watch the video below:

There are so many rotten apples inside the FBI.

Obama may have been a crappy president, but he did a really good job of weaponizing the federal government against his political opponents and it will take decades to pull them out by the root.

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