Fox News Anchor Sheds New Light On Big “Trump Cancelation” Scandal

Fox News Anchor Sheds New Light On Big “Trump Cancelation” Scandal

The scandal involving Fox News snubbing President Trump is heating up again. This time, a Fox News host is claiming everyone’s got it all wrong… It’s Trump who is blowing off Fox News, not the other way around. I don’t know if I believe that. It might be partially true, but it’s not the whole story… and when I heard who is telling this story, I got even more suspicious. It’s none other than TDS victim Howard Kurtz who is making this claim.

Radar Online reported that Despite a recent New York Times report that claimed Donald Trump has been “banned” from Fox News, network host Howard Kurtz recently revealed the ex-president is actually the one “ignoring” the network, Radar has learned. Although the conservative news network has cut back on their reports focusing on Trump – and although Trump hasn’t been interviewed on the network since calling into Sean Hannity’s program in mid-April – Kurtz recently revealed “there is no edict” against having Trump on the network.

“A front-page New York Times story this weekend strongly suggests that Fox News has not interviewed Donald Trump for over 100 days because the Murdoch family, whose Wall Street Journal and New York Post have run highly critical editorials, is said to have soured on him,” Kurtz said on Sunday in a surprising rebuke of the NYT report.

“But I can report, there is no edict whatsoever against having Trump on this network,” Kurtz added. “I have reached out myself with an invitation some weeks ago and people close to the former president confirmed he has not said yes to any Fox show or been turned down after asking to be on a Fox show, just for the record.”

As reported, the last time Trump appeared on the network was more than 100 days ago when he called into The Sean Hannity Show on April 13 and reiterated the false claim that he won the 2020 presidential election.

My guess would be that Fox News has told Trump’s people that they’ll have him on, but he can’t discuss the 2020 election or 2000 Mules. That’s the theory Dinesh has, and I think he’s right. The last thing Fox News wants to discuss is the sham election, even though the vast majority of its viewers believe the election was rigged.

So, what does that tell you? 

I will tell you one thing, after all the backstabbing from Fox, I don’t blame President if he is snubbing them… I wish everyone would snub Fox, to be honest.

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