Watch: Something Remarkable Happens When Gen Z and a Millennial Meet up With Gen X On a Flooded Street 

Watch: Something Remarkable Happens When Gen Z and a Millennial Meet up With Gen X On a Flooded Street 

This is a great video. I don’t know if it was staged, or it just happened organically, but the message is what matters most, and it’s truly spot-on. The story goes, a Gen z boy and a millennial guy are on a flooded road, and they’re trying to figure out how to get across. They look scared and worried about stepping off the curb and into the watery street, and you can see them cautiously dipping their foot in and then pulling back. This goes on for a while, and you start to wonder what’s the point here, when suddenly, a Gen X man strolls onto the screen, walking through the water as if nothing at all was wrong… and nothing was wrong, which is the point of the video.

Ha. It’s really a perfect example of what we’re witnessing today… and I can say that honestly because I am a Millennial. My generation is so strange and so scared of life and Gen Z isn’t any better, and we both lack the ability to solve problems in the real world. Instead, we get stressed and need a safe space to cry and get hugs. The internet is great in many ways, but it’s making a lot of us socially awkward and unable to make it in real life.

But personally, I think both of those kids in the video are Gen Z. The youngest millennial is like 26 years old today.

You can watch the video below:

@thegenxguy Full credit goes to @TeodorJ1 for the video snd concept… #millennial #genz #genx #generations ♬ Stayin Alive – Bee Gees

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The number of comments by millennials saying they don’t want to get their shoes wet proves the point… NO COMMON SENSE!!!”

“Omg. We’re doomed”

“Don’t forget the boomer who drove by to splash them on purpose!”

“gen x the final generation of survivors”

“Well their shoes probably cost 3x his entire outfit LOL” 

“No millennial I know would do this, we’d just walk through, gen x on point though.”

“Afraid of everything and rarely think outside the box ( like removing shoes & Sox ), our future is grim.”

“was waiting for Gen X…..then we strolled in like a boss.”

I think the video is very close to reality, and so does everyone else — that’s why it has almost half a million “likes.”

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