[VIDEO] Good Morning Joe, Harris Has Some Devastating News For You… Enjoy Your Day

[VIDEO] Good Morning Joe, Harris Has Some Devastating News For You… Enjoy Your Day

How bad have things gotten for Joe Biden? Oh, really bad. Yes, his national poll numbers continue to fall, mostly because he looks and sounds like a dementia patient who belongs in a nursing home, not a strong, capable leader. The American people are angry, worried, and embarrassed that a senile goof is pretending to run the country. There’s a lot of resentment there, and as Joe’s condition gets even worse, the anger bubbles over, even in deep, deep, deep blue states.

And that’s the bad news message that Fox News host Harris Faulkner delivered to Joe this morning… and what timing. After a week or more of testing positive for COVID (after supposedly kicking it and taking 187 boosters and vaccines), Joe Biden finally tested negative, but now, he’s got to face this news, which is actually worse than a virus with a 99+ survival rate.

Harris reported that Joe Biden is now underwater in the very blue state of New York. His new approval rating in the blue state is 47%. And when you break down the numbers, the news is even worse. Joe’s disapproval with the all-important independent voter is at a whopping 62% and 58% of the cat ladies in the New York burbs disapprove.


You can watch the video below:

And all of this is AFTER Joe and Dems “Roe v Wade” nonsense they pushed, and pretending Joe is the guy “lowering” gas prices. This just goes to show that the messaging the Dems are trying to push isn’t working. The American people are much savvier now than they were back in the 90s, which was Joe’s political heyday. The Dems haven’t seemed to grasp that, and they keep going back to that same tired old well.

I think this meme says it all:

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Joe actually thinks we’re stupid enough to “THANK” him for slightly lowering the gas prices he’s responsible for hiking up in the first place.

I guess he realized telling us to shut up and buy electric cars wasn’t working, so now he’s trying this.

Unreal, and so infuriating.

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