[VIDEO] Horse Named “Heavenly Trump” Wins Race Thanks to An “Act of God” Near The Finish Line

[VIDEO] Horse Named “Heavenly Trump” Wins Race Thanks to An “Act of God” Near The Finish Line

So, I was poking around the internet, and I happened upon a really fun story I thought you’d enjoy. There was a horse race back at the end of June, where an “act of God” took place, and a horse by the name of “Heavenly Trump” won out of nowhere. It was one of those crazy, once-in-a-lifetime moments that happens and you’re watching it and can’t believe your eyes as it unfolds. And of course, the fact the horse was named “Heavenly Trump” is what makes this all so darn funny.

Our friends over at 100 Percent Fed Up did a great piece on this. They said that last month, a horse named “Heavenly Trump” won a race in a fluke that one punter said was “the worst loss in horse racing.” The come-from-behind victory was caught on tape as a rider’s horse threw them off and crashed into the running rail. Video footage shows the leading horse, “Moro Flyboy” comfortably ahead of the pack when the “act of God” took place.

Here’s the horse profile for Heavenly Trump:

Heavenly Trump hasn’t really splashed on the scene yet, but I have a feeling all of that is about to change!

Outkick reported that beating out every miracle tortilla with Baby Jesus imprinted on it was an unbelievable victory at Lone Star Park on Friday that required some foal play and possibly some intervention from the Most High.

LSP in Grand Prairie, Texas, hosted a horse race for three-year-olds and up, and for most of the maiden race a four-year-old gelding named Moro Flyboy had a clear lead ahead of the rest of the competition, including a horse named “Heavenly Trump.” As Flyboy, led by apprentice jockey Simon Camacho-Benitez, approached the final stretch of the race, the horse began to veer toward the track’s inside rail. After flying too close to the sun, Moro Flyboy made contact with the rail and bucked Camacho-Benitez yards from the finish line, which gave way for Heavenly Trump to step up and steal the race (not like that).

The indisputable, Balaam-inspired act of God propelled Heavenly Trump to victory. Camacho-Benitez and Flyboy were reportedly unscathed after the incident.“He’s all right. He had to go get a concussion test before he can be back,” said Camacho-Benitez’s agent, Bradley White, via DRF.

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Atheists and Dems… your move…

You can watch the video below:

And speaking of horses… back in 2018, a 20-year-old horse by the name of Barack Obama was euthanized. The Anglo-Arab gelding horse was euthanized due to kidney problems. Poor horse. And how sad about that awful name it had.

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