Former Hill Reporter Resigns From Show After Being Removed Before Fauci Interview

Former Hill Reporter Resigns From Show After Being Removed Before Fauci Interview

A quarrel over interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to Kim Iversen, a former reporter for The Hill and co-host of the well-liked online program “Rising,” is what caused her hasty resignation, she revealed to Russell Brand.

Iversen, a vocal opponent of vaccines, abruptly left the program after hearing rumors that she was being stabbed in the back by colleagues who mockingly referred to her as a “conspiracy theorist,” a term that has long been the most derogatory term applied to those who dare to pose uncomfortable questions and express opinions that differ from the official establishment line.

Speaking at a “Defeat the Mandates” rally in Los Angeles in April and tweets like the one from last year in which she wrote, “I can’t believe that after fully vaccinated travelers have been found to be the global spreaders of the omicron variant, we’re STILL talking about forcing people to be vaccinated,” were her greatest offenses.

Her criticism of the jabs and the Hill’s reputation as a D.C. establishment publication set her on a collision path with management, as was expected. According to Iversen, things reached a boiling point during the Fauci interview, which she claimed she was barred from taking part in.

She posted a mysterious message on Twitter in July with the enigmatic subject line “Why I am no longer on Rising…,” along with a link to a video that seemed to imply that she was being restricted from discussing certain subjects.

Why aren’t you on The Hill any longer? the host of Brand’s most recent episode of his YouTube show inquired. Iversen responded, “Uh, well, they wouldn’t let me interview Anthony Fauci, so I’m not on The Hill.” ‘Why not? Interviews go well for you. Why is Anthony Fauci unavailable for interview? I’ve heard of him,” Brand jokingly remarked.

“I’m not really positive how that happened exactly. I’m not 100% sure if The Hill shielded Fauci from me and said, you know, we’re just not going to even present, um, me to Fauci thinking that the Fauci team would then perhaps back out or that I would ask too difficult of questions and put him on the spot, or if it was Anthony Fauci’s team that said, “We don’t want to be interviewed by that Kim chick,” or if The Hill protected Fauci from me and said, you know, we’

“All I know is that when I found out that Dr. Fauci was going to be on Rising, the program that I was on, and on the topic, of course, you know, Fauci being about COVID, the pandemic, talking about the very subject that I’d been extensively covering on The Hill, I was really excited,” she said. “Of course, I was excited when I heard he was going to be on and assumed I would take part in that interview.”

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When I called the producers the previous evening, they informed me that they had not given the Fauci team your name. We explained that these other hosts—not you—would be conducting the interviews when they inquired. Then I told them, ‘That’s unacceptable,'” she recalled, adding that she pushed back on the producers, warning them that failing to include her viewpoint—even if it was controversial—could jeopardize the audience’s trust.

As a result, they called me the morning of the interview with Dr. Fauci and informed me that they had not altered their minds after talking to me the night before. We won’t notify the Fauci team that you were a part of the interview,'” she added.

Iversen said, “Quite frankly, they shouldn’t have interfered with the interview; they should have just had me pop up and interview the guy. I don’t know why they would need to tell them anyhow. And the reason for that was that, despite having assured the audience that I would not be restrained, restricted, or limited, I was sadly unable to continue.

Following the publication of the adoring Fauci interview, she tweeted, “I wanted to be a part of this interview. I wish I could have been there to obtain the answers we all need.

The American people have suffered greatly as a result of the elfin career bureaucrat’s flip-flopping and bad advice while serving as President Biden’s top medical advisor and the public face of the COVID pandemic response. The media has treated the bureaucrat with kid gloves throughout his two and a half years of superstardom.

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