Hodge Twins Know Exactly What Biden Regime is Really Doing to Break the Middle Class… 5 Things

Hodge Twins Know Exactly What Biden Regime is Really Doing to Break the Middle Class… 5 Things

I say this all the time…today’s Dem Party are full-blown communists. The signs are everywhere that this is true. They’re becoming more and more godless. We’re at the point now, where these ghouls would sacrifice a human baby to Moloch and post it on TikTok… and no, I am not joking. In addition, they’re becoming increasingly obsessed with censorship and tyrannical word control. They claim it’s for the “greater good,” but that’s what all tyrants throughout history have said, and today’s Dems do not differ from communist tyrants from the past. Also, Dems are now going after their political opponents with “North Korea” style tactics. And don’t forget trying to disarm Americans…honestly, Kim Jong-un would blush at these moves Joe and Merrick are making. And finally, they are trying to break the middle class with an army of IRS agents — because there’s nothing a communist hates more than the “middle class.” A real communist utopia consists of smug elites and dirt-poor peasants, and nothing in between.

And this communist agenda we’re facing down is serious, and it’s coming fast and furious style. You get the feeling Dems realize the clock is ticking and they need to move quickly. There’s an accelerated feel; as midterms are only three months away.

The always spot-on conservative Hodge Twins see it unfolding as well. And they put out a tweet that highlighted the five most chilling moves Biden’s regime is unleashing against the middle class.

Here’s what the Hodge Twins said in their tweet: “They are raiding the homes of political opponents. They are building a tax Army to come after our money and assets. They are indoctrinating our kids. They are sending our tax dollars to corrupt countries. AND They want to take away our guns?”

That’s it in a nutshell. Here’s what people online are saying:

“My 12 year old daughter literally just said, “I don’t feel safe with Biden as president but I would with Trump”.”

“If this doesn’t trigger a full blown civil war/revolution then nothing ever will.”

“Yep, those 87,000 IRS agents and stock pile of guns and ammunition are starting to make sense now.”

“May GOD help us all. And I truly mean that. We need divine intervention to fight these monsters” 

“Politicians really should have been more concerned when they did this to Michael Flynn and project veritas and put a stop to it then.”

It’s ok, they’ve just set a precedent for raiding the homes of the Obama’s, Clinton’s and any other lesser governmental positions. Including Speaker Pelosi and her yet to be announced “insider trading investigation” Allah Akbar!! #BigRedWave Roll Tide!!”

“And who are “they”? They are the ones that Jesus warned us about, they are not God’s children they are the children of satan!”

So what can we do to combat this? Well, for starters, we need to vote in the midterms, and I don’t want to hear any “we can’t vote our way out of this” nonsense. Do not get into that totally defeatist mentality. I know it’s easy to do after the 2020 sham, but do not go there. Put your head down and vote like your life depends on it because it does.

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