Instagram Star Snaps Final Selfie Just Moments Before Falling Off The Cliff and Dying

Instagram Star Snaps Final Selfie Just Moments Before Falling Off The Cliff and Dying

The number of people who are dying while taking selfies is crazy. And while this story isn’t about that exactly, it does involve taking photos in dangerous spots, and not being fully focused on what you’re doing, and dying as a result. An “Instagram couple,” who are known for their outdoor adventures and their passionate relationship set off on a mountain hike, never even thinking it’d be their last one together. The couple are Italian, and just moments after they took this final selfie, the young man, named Andrea Mazzetto, fell off the cliff, and plunged to his death, and his poor girlfriend saw the entire thing unfold.

The New York Post reported that an Italian man posed for a smiling, loved-up photo with his girlfriend — just moments before he plunged up to 650 feet to his death while trying to grab a dropped cellphone, according to reports.

Andrea Mazzetto, 30, snapped the shot Saturday with live-in lover Sara Bragante while climbing Altar Knotto, a rock in his hometown, Rotzo, named because of its likeness to an altar.

This was the last photo taken. The girlfriend calls it their “cursed last photo.”

At some point, one of them lost a phone — and Mazzetto toppled to his death from a precipice while trying to get it, police told Corriere del Veneto, which put the fall at around 650 feet.

Rescue crews reached him with a chopper and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Before then, Mazzetto had updated his nearly 2,500 Instagram followers with regular posts on his hike with Bragante — who later shared their smiling selfie taken moments before her loved one’s death.

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“Our cursed last photo together,” she wrote alongside the snap from their climb up Altar Knotto.

“You will always be with me, my little bear,” she wrote tenderly.

They were one of those very “beautiful” couples that tracked their relationship and adventures on Instagram.

Very sad ending.

Please, if you’re taking photos, be careful and pay close attention to what you’re doing. And if your phone falls, so be it. You can always get a new one.

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