[VIDEO] Jerry Nadler Displays “Dementia Symptoms”… Listen to How He Describes Trump’s Impeachments

[VIDEO] Jerry Nadler Displays “Dementia Symptoms”… Listen to How He Describes Trump’s Impeachments

I gotta be honest; I am really getting angry about these senile goofs we have in DC. I’ve always been irked that DC is a makeshift nursing home, but I think Joe Biden’s dementia and the elder abuse going on with that situation has really rubbed me the wrong way, and for the first time I see these elderly politicians for what they truly are: greedy puppets who are being used by outside forces to push an agenda and they don’t care how decrepit and confused they are, or how that impacts the country, they just want to line their pockets and wield power.

It’s truly insulting and infuriating, and I don’t know about you, but I am becoming really resentful over it. And it has nothing to do with “ageism.” I take care of my elderly mother and have for years, and she is in better shape mentally than most of these senile old folks in DC, and I still wouldn’t trust her to use a stove in my house, ya know? She’s great, and I love her to death, but I don’t want her in charge of anything in my life. I want her to enjoy her life, have fun, and not worry about any responsibilities… But here we have these types of confused elderly folks literally deciding life and death things for us, and you gotta wonder what the heck we’re doing, allowing this to go on?

And speaking of all this — we have another elderly politician who is displaying “dementia” symptoms. This time it’s Jerry Nadler. He’s so confused, he sounds like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi… just listen to how he describes President Trump’s impeachments.


If we don’t put an end to this senile “nursing home” situation, our country won’t make it. And it’s not just on the left side of the aisle, we have some people well past their prime on our side as well. We need age limits, we need drug testing, and we need term limits.

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