[VIDEO] Many Say It Looks Like It’s Getting A Lot Harder For Jill to Manage Joe

[VIDEO] Many Say It Looks Like It’s Getting A Lot Harder For Jill to Manage Joe

So, I saw this video of Jill and Joe wearing masks outside, and I rolled my eyes. But I noticed something even more interesting than Jill and Joe’s constant mockery of “sCiEnCe.” I noticed that Jill is looking really fed-up with Joe. I watched the clip, and how she had to move him, and the way she did it, just gave me an “annoyed” vibe. So, I went and looked online to see if others felt the same way, and sure enough, many people did.

It appears that Joe is getting harder for Jill to manage, or she’s just getting sick of it, or hey, maybe it’s both things in one… that’d be my guess. But just the way she walks over to him and moves him and then turns and walks away has a really “irksome” feel to it. I know we can’t see her mouth, but you can still get a vibe from people by their movements, body language, and eyes, and Jill seems really annoyed.

There was no loving “pat” or “twinkle” in her eyes as she was moving him and she did not linger, she moved him, rather abruptly and quickly, and then spun around and walked away.

Not to mention, that as annoyed as she looked doing that, it’s ABSURD that anybody would have to treat the so-called “president” of the United States that way… and let’s be honest, this sort of thing happens all the time between Joe and Jill. She’s always directing him, running cover for him, or dragging him away from the press as if he’s a toddler, unable to make his own good decisions.

You can watch the video below (there’s no audio on this video, by the way):

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Jill looks like she’s fed up with him… watch her!”

“He is getting harder for Jill to manage and her body language screams “I am done with this crap””

“Jill seems really annoyed and done being his babysitter” 

“I hope he got the okay to talk or he’ll get in trouble by the very angry nurse who just told him where to stand” 

“Jill is done! Body language.”

“Who is in charge here. She just moved him like I do my toddler grandkid’s.”

“She also gets annoyed because she doesn’t want him to answer questions “

“Jill is so over him. Even though I can’t stand Biden, it’s sad to see.”

“When your Visiting Angel™️ has had it with you!” 

“And she pulls him back, so annoyed lol” 

“His hand is still stretched out in a shaking position after Jill backs him up. Last week he apologized to an assistant for speaking too much. The Press should be all over this type of behavior but of course they won’t…”

“The highlight is more so her moving him like a furniture”

“Why is his nurse trying to move him away ?”

“Wow, Jill is done playing nurse, isn’t she? Look at the way she just treated him” 

As a woman, you can tell when other women are annoyed. It’s a gift we have. And trust me, Jill looks like one really fed-up and annoyed nurse who’s ready to call it quits.

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But think about it — it has to be exhausting caring for Joe Biden, right? He’s still such an arrogant jerk, even though he’s a senile buffoon and he’s under the world’s biggest microscope, and I am sure Jill knows they’re doing a terrible job of hiding whatever “dementia” Joe is suffering with.

The entire clown show is falling apart at the seams.

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