Who’s Dressing This Woman? Jill Biden’s Tacky Vacation Dress Causes Many to Miss Stylish Melania

Who’s Dressing This Woman? Jill Biden’s Tacky Vacation Dress Causes Many to Miss Stylish Melania

Who on earth is dressing Jill Biden? I am starting to think it’s an undercover Trump voter. We’re humiliated daily by senile Joe, and now we’ve got Jill walking around looking like Alice Cooper in a babydoll dress. This latest getup she’s wearing is a real doozy. Now, I know we’re used to Jill looking as if she’s wearing table cloths or shower curtains, but today she’s mixed it up a bit. This dress actually looks more like the hokey old curtains at Old Country Buffet.

Jill and her family are on vacation AGAIN. Daily Mail reported that Jill hit the shops on Kiawah Island Sunday afternoon with her granddaughter Finnegan Biden and daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen.

Images of the first lady shopping with Hunter Biden’s wife and daughter were obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

Members of the first family spent about 30 minutes in Freshfields Village, which is a small shopping center on the island off the South Carolina coast.

Here’s Jill out and about shopping while on vacation. The photo is an exclusive from Daily Mail.

You can see more photos of Jill and the Bidens here.

People certainly have a lot to say about this dress:

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In all honesty, I’ve always thought Jill Biden was a very pretty woman. She’s got a great figure and takes care of herself. If they dressed her the right way, she could literally look gorgeous… but they don’t. One minute they’re dressing her like she’s 98 years old, with bowls of fruit on her dress, and the next minute they’ve got her wearing outfits made for a 20-something.

Melania, who was arguably the most stylish FLOTUS we’ve ever had, was treated like a gross leper, while our insane propaganda media hails Dr. Jill as some kind of fashion plate.

No. It’s sheer lunacy. Jill reminds me of Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

REVIEW: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) | BLOODCRYPT

I’m sorry, but a woman who was born in 1951 should not wear babydoll dresses in 2022.

And that “purse” thing she’s holding looks like a diaper for Joe.

Apologies for the cattiness, I am just so over this awful woman.

And it’s not just the tragically bad fashion sense. Jill is looking rough. Her husband’s failed presidency and his declining mental state must be getting to her.

When she was first installed, Jill looked bright and fresh. Now, she looks haggard, tired, and worn out. Being the #1 Handler for a man who can’t find his way off a 6-foot-stage must be exhausting.

This latest tragic outfit from Jill has sparked many to miss Melania… and you can’t blame them.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Honest question, who is dressing this woman?” 

“Imagine looking at that dress in the mirror and thinking “Ok, looks great!”

“The top of that dress looks like a fanbelt” 

“We went from CLASSY to TRASHY…ugh”

“Is it me or is Jill is starting to look like Emperor Palpatine?”

“I now know why the FBI raided Melania’s wardrobe. They were looking for fashion tips for our current Disaster of a Flotus”

“FLOTUS: Frumpy Lady of the United States” 

“Melania was royalty compared to this court clown” 

“My God, he acts like a mental patient and she dresses like one” 

“Melania was treated like garbage, so excuse me for not caring one bit about this frump-a-dumps feelings” 

“Is there nobody on her team, with enough compassion to fire her stylist?” 

The Bidens are just so embarrassing.

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