He’s Doing it Again…There’s One Very Chilling Reason Why Biden Uses Phrase “Breathing Room” So Often

He’s Doing it Again…There’s One Very Chilling Reason Why Biden Uses Phrase “Breathing Room” So Often

If you read Wayne Dupree, you know we love to showcase our MAGA meme artists. We’ve got so many talented folks out there, and we love to show you their work. Some of it’s funny, clever, or educational… and sometimes it’s all the above. Whether it’s video memes or graphics, we really have some of the most talented people around… and the one I am going to share with you today might be familiar to you.

His name is Maze, and we’ve shared his work often. And this latest video I just saw really hit me. I was looking online, and I saw something Joe’s Handlers wrote about the high gas prices that are all his fault.

Here’s what the tweet said:

Right now, a family in America with two cars is saving $100 a month on gas compared to peak prices. That’s breathing room. And we’re not letting up any time soon.

Pay attention to that phrase “breathing room” because you’re about to see how much Joe uses it, and why he uses it.

As Maze points out in this video, it’s one of Joe’s favorite lines, but it’s not because you’re actually getting “breathing room,” and a reprieve from Joe’s radical climate change agenda…

No, not at all…

It’s because they’re reprogramming you so you understand the “new” American Dream means you just barely scrape by… they’re taking everything from you, and then giving you scraps back, and asking you to thank them for it. And they call it “breathing room.” As if they’re giving you a break.

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Your “Dear Leaders” expect you to be thankful for all the “breathing room” they give you, as you suffocate through their Great Reset.


You can watch the video below:

Make no mistake… Joe Biden isn’t trying to protect you by providing “breathing room.”

He’s the guy who’s squeezing the air out of the room.

Joe’s behaving like a typical old-school 90s politician, who’s using words and phrases as propaganda and manipulation tools, to “trick” the public into submission.

Trusting a politician like Joe is like asking the executioner to protect you from death.

He’s programmed to destroy anything that doesn’t serve him or his donors and masters.

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