[VIDEO] What Was THAT? Joe Biden Lets Out The Most Nasty-Sounding Cough in Kentucky

[VIDEO] What Was THAT? Joe Biden Lets Out The Most Nasty-Sounding Cough in Kentucky

After umpteen days, Biden finally tested negative for COVID. This man has had 2 vaccines and 2 boosters, and some COVID medication, and he still caught the virus twice in one week. The second time he isolated for about 7 days, and now he’s out and shuffling around the country making blunders and coughing up a lung. Biden went to Kentucky so he could use their flooding tragedy to push his radical communist climate change agenda. Everything is about “climate change” to these nuts. If it’s sunny, it’s climate change. If it’s not sunny, it’s climate change. If lightning strikes, it’s climate change, if there’s not enough lightning it’s climate change, etc. I mean, it’s really easy to create a frenzy, when literally everything that happens naturally is supposedly because of your “cause.”

While Biden was there, he was seated next to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and he let out the nastiest sounding cough. I mean, this thing was savage, you could hear the RUMBLE, and it sounded like Joe’s lung was going to fall out of his mouth.

You have to ask yourself, should this sickly, feeble man be out of bed? Should he be around people, coughing like that?


You can watch the video below:

Joe Biden is a senile buffoon, I don’t think we need him out of bed, wandering around the country. I wish the Handlers would realize this and keep him under lock and key.

If anything, it’s better for the entire country if he just stays in the basement until his so-called “term” runs out.

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