[VIDEO] Joe Tests Positive For COVID Again, Looks and Sounds Deathly Sick on Camera, Forgets He’s “President” 

[VIDEO] Joe Tests Positive For COVID Again, Looks and Sounds Deathly Sick on Camera, Forgets He’s “President” 

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID yet again today. I think that’s 6 days in a row now, that he’s tested positive after they lied and told us last week, that he beat the rona virus. But, I will say this much, this is the only thing Joe Biden is good at… testing positive for COVID. His doctor released a letter, claiming that Biden is coughing, but FEELING GREAT… do you believe that? I don’t. And I really don’t believe it after watching Joe on video, where he looks and sounds like death warmed over. And he once again forgot that he’s the so-called “president.” He called himself the “vice president” again, but he quickly corrected himself this time, so I guess that can be called progress or whatever.

In the video, Joe speaks as if every word is a struggle and strain. He looks tired, and flaming red. I don’t know if it’s the lighting, but Joe looks like a pickled beet. I mean, prior to seeing this, I wasn’t thinking about how feeble and frail Joe was, or his COVID, but now that I have seen this, I am convinced that this guy is really sick, and they just keep dressing him up and pushing him in front of the camera as if everything is hunky dory. They should just let him rest for a few days, and be done with it, because parading him around, is worse.

Honestly, it looks like the grim reaper is going to hop on that Zoom call any minute and ask to speak to Joe in private.

You can watch the video below:

Dear lord, can you imagine giving the keys to a moving vehicle to this senile man? A guy who can’t even find his way off a 6-foot stage, thinks he can drive an electric Corvette? I mean, this is the utter state of delusion that Joe Biden is living in, he has NO CLUE how bad off he is… he doesn’t understand that he looks and sounds like a legitimate nursing home patient.

It would be sad if it wasn’t so scary and infuriating. I am beyond feeling “bad” for Joe. I am just pissed off that we’re all being forced to play along with this old man’s fantasy and delusions.

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