Biden Thought Second COVID Was Bad? Wait Until He Wakes Up And Sees THIS Doozy

Biden Thought Second COVID Was Bad? Wait Until He Wakes Up And Sees THIS Doozy

Things are not going well for Joe Biden. But that’s nothing new. This guy has been a complete and total joke since the day he was installed. But it’s true, as time goes on, things just keep getting worse and worse for Bumbling Biden. I’m sure you’ve heard that Joe has COVID… AGAIN. That’s right, twice in like the past 3 days. He tested negative a few days ago, and then he tested positive again. This guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

Oh, and by the by, he’s still testing positive for COVID on Sunday.

But truthfully, COVID isn’t the worst of Joe’s troubles. When he wakes up today, whatever time that is, he’s going to have more bad news waiting for him, and this stuff might be even worse than his two absurd COVID diagnoses (the guy is quad-vaxxed).

According to yet another poll, Joe Biden is the most unpopular “president” in US History. This is a hard pill to swallow since we’ve been told nobody on earth is more popular and beloved than Joe Biden and he earned 81 million legal votes…

Ouch… but it actually gets worse folks… This isn’t even the half of it. The real gut punch is below and it’s proof that Joe Biden’s unpopularity, cruddy policies, and terrible so-called “leadership” have led to one of the biggest seismic shifts in American politics.

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Thanks to Joe Biden, his party has officially lost the support of Hispanics. That’s right, all those breakfast tacos that Jill spoke about, have apparently bailed, and for good reason.  For the Dems, this is a cataclysmic shift… a disaster so epic, we can hardly put words to it… They’ve lost an entire base of voters. It’s unreal.

Of course, what really shifted Hispanics over to Dems was President Trump and his America First agenda, but Joe definitely helped the move along with how god-awful he is. Hispanics are decent, hard-working, traditional people. They’re not going to be on board with all this “Shout Your Abortion” disgusting garbage and gender confusion. it’s mental illness and perversion, and everybody can clearly see that… and that’s why Hispanics are pulling away. Hopefully, the blacks follow suit, because nobody is getting screwed over worse by this radical communist party than they are.

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