[VIDEO] Yikes, Sounds Like Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Know Why He Was in Pennsylvania

[VIDEO] Yikes, Sounds Like Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Know Why He Was in Pennsylvania

Why do they drag this dusty rag doll out and put him on the campaign trail? I will tell you why… because he and his wife, and his stupid, senile sister insist on it. They all think this is 1992, and Joe still has that “magic touch” he used to have when he had a lot more people fooled about who and what he truly was. So, they’re convinced that Joe being out there “talking” to the American people is the best thing he can do. Meanwhile, a new poll just came out that says a vast majority of Americans want Joe Biden to take a cognitive test, and this video I am about to share with you is a perfect example of why.

Joe Biden was dusted off and hauled out of the basement and plopped on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, where he was stumping for sickly lug John Fetterman and some crooked clown running for governor. All Joe had to do was say their names correctly and call out what they were running for.

Simple, right?


He screwed it up. Biden confuses which offices Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman are running for: “Elect the Attorney General to the Senate and elect that big ol boy Governor.”

The AG is running for governor and the “big guy” (the obese man who just had a stroke) is running for the Senate.

Does Joe even know why he’s there?

You can watch the video below:

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It’s also fair to note that another new poll came out, which has Trump ahead of Joe in key battleground states, such as Pennsylvania 2024.

This is why Joe is attacking MAGA and his FBI goons are raiding Trump’s home.

He’s behaving like a typical communist and is trying to “kill off” his political opponent.

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