What’s With Joe’s Marathon Vacation? Here’s a New Theory…

What’s With Joe’s Marathon Vacation? Here’s a New Theory…

How many vacations can one man take? Joe Biden had to isolate twice, over his COVID, so he wasn’t exactly burning the midnight oil, or working his fingers to the bone. Then, right after that, he and his family packed up and head out for a luxury vacation in South Carolina. Joe came back to the White House so he could sign his bill to raise taxes on the middle class and hire 87K IRS agents, and then he promptly left for Delaware. So what gives? Why is this guy going on yet another “vacation” back to his beach house, when he had just gotten home?

This was his schedule the DAY he got back from his SC vacation. He left at 7:20 pm that night to go on another vacation.

Well, I have a theory why, and it involves his #1 Handler and nursemaid, Jill.

As you may know by now, Jill Biden tested positive for COVID while she was on her luxury vacation. So, when Joe returned to the White House, she was not able to travel with him. She stayed behind in her luxury accommodations to isolate herself, so Joe was on his own.

Here’s what AFP White House reported Sebastian Smith said: “Jill Biden tested positive for Covid and will be stuck self-isolating at the luxury vacation residence on Kiawah Island, SC, but @POTUS has tested negative and will return to Washington as scheduled to sign the big climate/healthcare IRA package before going home in Wilmington”

Now, we’ve heard rumors that Joe Biden is having problems inside the White House. People with sources say that Joe wanders around confused at night, and has to be helped by staff. My thinking is that it’s bad enough with Jill there, imagine Joe trying to manage without Jill, his “nursemaid” by his side. So, he’s being shipped back home where he’s more comfortable and doesn’t have the anxiety and confusion like he reportedly does inside The White House.

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I think if Jill had come home with him, they would not have left to go to Delaware on the same night they returned from their South Carolina luxury vacation. But I think it’s the only thing his Handlers could do, to make sure he was comfortable without Jill around.

This makes total sense to me, but what do you think? Do you think Jill’s absence is why Joe is quickly heading back to Delaware?

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