American Idol Alum Says She Blames “Woke Voters” For Crime Uptick In Cali

American Idol Alum Says She Blames “Woke Voters” For Crime Uptick In Cali

Katharine McPhee, a singer-songwriter and “American Idol” runner-up, has taken to social media to bemoan Los Angeles’ crime problem and the “woke voters” who, in her opinion, are to blame for the city’s continuous lawlessness. Villainy, which includes follow-home robberies, has penetrated even affluent liberal areas of Los Angeles.

In one Instagram story, McPhee said, “This is really my worry and thought every time I go out now. I shared information about the mugging of an elderly man in posh Beverly Hills. We demand @rickcarusola… What is the state of this world? … @streetpeopleofbeverlyhills… Each and every woke vote is to fault. Elderly people being assaulted while strolling. Persist in voting for this. What a terrible condition this city is in.

Rick Caruso, a Republican-turned-Democrat, has the support of McPhee, 38. a wealthy businessman and philanthropist running against Karen Bass, a far-left congresswoman and probable running mate for Joe Biden in 2020, on a platform of law and order. Bass is backed by the Democratic establishment.

Those in the entertainment industry who even somewhat disagree with the liberal narrative must tread carefully, especially if they associate themselves with a quasi-Republican.

However, Caruso is receiving backing from a few liberal show business titans, showing an awareness of how the quality of life for every citizen of the L.A. area has declined due to violent and random street attacks, smash and grab crimes, and chronic vagrancy.

In addition, McPhee hinted on social media that she would no longer wear pricey jewelry when she was out and about in Los Angeles due to the risk of robbery.

The “American Idol” graduate has expressed her political views previously, according to Fox News. Stacey Abrams was criticized by McPhee in February for posing without a mask among a group of students despite a rule being in place.

At the time, McPhee posted the following on her Instagram page: “What the actual hell…politicians at their finest. While the kids are covered in masks, you are sitting in the open. The hypocrisy keeps going. She’ll probably respond, “But I had my mask in my hand!”

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After the election of George Gascon, one of many George Soros-backed Democrat prosecutors who are soft on crime and don’t prosecute violent, repeat criminals, the chaotic situation in Los Angeles may have even gotten worse.

A recall campaign against Gascon seems imminent, and Caruso has backed it. McPhee is wed to the 72-year-old music producer David Foster; the two were married in June 2019 and have a child together.


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