Kathy Griffin’s New Photo is The Last Thing The January 6th Committee Wants Americans To See 

Kathy Griffin’s New Photo is The Last Thing The January 6th Committee Wants Americans To See 

The one and only card the sham January 6th committee has left to play is this absurd notion that they’re a “bipartisan” group, who are just seeking “justice” and trying to save “democracy.” I know that sounds completely laughable and insane, but this is the narrative that these communists are trying to sell to Americans. They want people to believe the committee consists of concerned Democrats and Republicans, who are interviewing bipartisan witnesses, who have no “dog” in the fight, except to tell the truth… yes, that’s an impossible pill to swallow, but that’s what they’re peddling. The good news is that most of America couldn’t care less about January 6th. Poll after poll shows that Americans have moved on from the skirmish, where Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized. But that doesn’t stop Dems from pushing and pushing.

However, their “push” might’ve hit a big ol’ speed bump, thanks to TDS lunatic, and washed-up D-lister Kathy Griffin.

The unfunny former “comedian” lost her career and any dignity that she had left thanks to her weird obsessive hatred of President Trump. Sadly, this has happened to many people, including J6 chairwoman Liz Cheney.

Griffin, who once held up a giant bloody “decapitated head” of President Trump, is still living with the “TDS voices” screaming in her head. Now, however, she’s making life even harder for the J6 clowns, thanks to a picture she took with former Capitol Police officer Michael Fanone, the man we’re all supposed to believe had no bias against Trump, or his supporters, and was just there at the Capitol on January 6th, doing his job.

Please, give me a break…

The two TDS sufferers took a picture together, holding “F**Trump” coffee mugs, like weird teenagers. Michael, who looks like he’s been drinking straight vodka out of his mug, is pointing at it, awkwardly. Meanwhile, Kathy, who appears to be desperately trying to hide her sagging face, held the cup up to where her mouth presumably still sits.

Kathy wrote: “Look who came over for a hot cup of F**K TRUMP.”

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Here’s what folks online are saying about this photo:

“That coffee cup is not hiding anything, Kathy. Yikes. Karma has not been kind to her”

“Yeah more proof J6 was a setup” 

“This is Liz Cheney’s bipartisan witness lmao” 

“Did Michael get that cup as a parting gift for testifying at the J6 show trials?”

“D list celebrity. D list cop. They deserve each other.”

“He’s looking to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame.”

“Whoa, nothing says winner like hanging out with Kathy Griffin..”

“They are STILL at it! Do these people even have a life without Trump?”

“If you bumped into these two on the street you’d wonder what bank they were about to rob to get their next fix.”

“Ahhh yes, the fair and balanced January 6th committee…”

“This guy was paid off, and he used all the money to buy meth and that stupid mug” 

Were all Cap Police biased against their president? Sure, we can all have our own political views, but then to sit there and lie about what happened to Congress simply because you have this awkward and seething hatred against the president is sick in the head. This type of “hate” against a politician, isn’t normal and it should be “weeded out” during the hiring process because anybody who gets this deeply involved in hating someone has mental issues.

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