Hey, FBI, Actor Kevin Sorbo Has a Quick Question For You…

Hey, FBI, Actor Kevin Sorbo Has a Quick Question For You…

Many institutions have “fallen” since President Trump splashed on the scene. Think about how many groups, people, and institutions who’ve completely fallen apart and lost the respect of the American people. The media are in the gutter, Hollywood (almost all celebrities), military brass, woke teachers and school boards, the intel community, medical professionals (thanks to COVID), woke corporations, activist judges, and of course, the FBI… I am sure I’m missing a few, so feel free to chime in.

So, why is that? Why have these institutions fallen and lost the trust and respect of the American people?

Well, it’s because they’re all part of the political apparatus, and we didn’t realize it… and as the apparatus lost control because of President Trump revealing their intentions, they started showing their true colors, and we the people saw what was going on and we realized we couldn’t trust many of these people and groups. I don’t know about you, but I have a totally different thought process about my personal doctor, and I truly question her motivation and common sense as she keeps pushing a vaccine on me that doesn’t friggen work… If I thought I could find a doctor that wouldn’t push the vax, I’d switch, but I am fairly confident most of them are all on the same idiotic page.

Right now, the anger and focus is on the FBI, after the communist raid and ransacking they unleashed on President Trump… but the FBI didn’t just suddenly become public enemy #1, they’ve been working very hard to fall out of our good graces for years now. Look what happened with the Russia hoax… And don’t get me started on James Comey and Andrew McCabe, two of the shadiest, crooked traitors on the planet. And then we have the Governor Whitmere kidnapping — an obvious ruse designed to make Trump supporters look bad right before the 2020 sham election. And who can forget the January 6th event, and how sketchy that whole thing was, with Ray Epps, and the “invisible pipe bomber”? None of it adds up. And last but not least, remember when the FBI went after parents for worrying about what degeneracy their kids are being taught in school and treated Trump supporters like members of ISIS?

Good times…

And all of this is going on, while one of the most notorious and degenerate child sex trafficking rings goes almost totally unpunished… the people who raped underage girls for years are chilling out in their homes right now without a care in the world, while our FBI raids the home of the one man who actually Made America Great Again and kept his word and fought for the forgotten American people, who have been ravaged by these ghoulish globalists for decades.

And on that note, conservative actor Kevin Sorbo has one question for the FBI, and it’s gone viral, so I think we all want the answer…

Here’s what Kevin said: “Why hasn’t the FBI raided the houses of anyone on Epstein’s list? It’s been 3 years.”

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Not one raid on one person on that disgusting list.


Yes, it was a great question Kevin, but don’t hold your breath for an answer, because the FBI doesn’t care what you think, you’re just a dirty peasant who doesn’t matter.

The elites think they can do whatever they want to us.

The good news is the MAGA wing of the GOP is fighting back. Marjorie Taylor Greene wasted no time filing articles of impeachment against communist Merrick Garland. Nothing will happen right now, but this sets the table for the expectations after the midterms.


We not only live in a two-tiered justice system, where the elites live by a totally different set of rules, but we’re not actually a free country. We just live under the illusion that we’re free. In reality, we are slaves to this corrupt government that has gone rogue. Today’s US government is the government our Founding Father’s warned us about… and it got this way because we fell asleep at the wheel for decades and the people who we put in power, turned on us.

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