Liz Wasn’t The Only Loser, Crybaby RINO Adam Kinzinger Was Also Dealt a Humiliating Blow

Liz Wasn’t The Only Loser, Crybaby RINO Adam Kinzinger Was Also Dealt a Humiliating Blow

Did you know little crybaby Adam Kinzinger had a plan to destroy MAGA in the primaries? Yes, it’s true, and it was actually quite an evil little plan. As you know, Adam opted not to run for reelection because he knew he’d lose, so he went “all-in” on taking down President Trump’s candidates. He wanted to destroy our plans to take out as many RINOs as possible. His plan was eventually exposed, and as we make our way through the end of the primary season, we can safely say that Adam Kinzinger’s attempt to thwart MAGA was a smashing FLOP.

So, what was his big plan?

The AP reported that Kinzinger, one of Trump’s fiercest Republican critics in Congress, has directed his political organization to initiate a novel campaign to convince non-Republicans to support anti-Trump Republican candidates in GOP primary contests across the country later this year. Experts suggest the practice, sometimes known as “party raiding,” will be hard to execute on a broad scale, but Kinzinger warned that failure to shift the GOP’s embrace of Trump could undermine democracy or even a lead to “failed state.”

“People need to wake up to that real possibility,” Kinzinger, who is not seeking reelection this fall, told The Associated Press. “We have to be able to have uneasy alliances, as uneasy as they may be in this moment.”

Adam used Democrats to cheat Republican voters out of their vote. Thank goodness it didn’t work, but what an evil little traitor this worm is.

He tried this move with Liz Cheney in Wyoming, and she still lost by nearly 40 points… so as you can see, Adam has zero “pull.”

There are not many modern examples of a sitting Republican member of Congress so openly asking Democrats to help take down a former president of his own party.

Kinzinger’s plan underscores the extraordinary challenges Trump antagonists face as they fight to purge Trumpism from the GOP using the existing political system, which offers party leaders little control if voters line up behind extremists. At the same time, Trump allies control the Republican Party infrastructure at the state and national levels — in addition to fundraising.

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There was talk of booting Adam from the GOP, but of course, that never happened.

Thankfully, the decent and patriotic American people came out in droves to support their candidates and President Trump’s America First agenda and we taught Liz and Adam a lesson they’ll never forget.

Don’t mess with MAGA, because you’ll never win.

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