Rep Boebert Has a Hilarious New Movie Idea For Liz Cheney Supporter, Kevin Costner LOL

Rep Boebert Has a Hilarious New Movie Idea For Liz Cheney Supporter, Kevin Costner LOL

I am not sure what Kevin Costner was thinking when he decided to soil his good name by jumping into politics and endorsing Liz Cheney, of all people. The woman is about to lose her seat by 30 points, so nobody understands why Kevin would hitch his wagon to a loser. But that’s precisely what he did. Costner took a photo of himself, wearing a shirt that reads: “I’m For Liz Cheney” You almost wonder if Dick Cheney was off camera, pointing a gun at him. Just kidding… sort of.

Liz shared the photo and wrote: “Real men put country over party.” I guess she’s trying to say that Kevin is a Democrat, but he supports Liz anyway? Is that what she means by putting “country over party”? I have no idea, but honestly, being a Democrat and supporting Liz makes more sense than being a conservative and supporting Liz, so I don’t think she’s making much sense here. But if that’s true, I am guessing Kevin Costner is one of those radical Dems who’s glued to his TV watching the “Jan 6 iNSuRrEcTiOn” and telling everyone that President Trump is going to jail for trying to overthrow the US government. That, or he’s a NeverTrump establishment RINO.

Here’s the tweet:

Of course, Kevin’s politics is just my speculation, but the bottom line is that anybody who would wear a Liz Cheney shirt, is an idiot.

Sorry, Kev. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert saw Liz Cheney’s tweet and chimed in on the Costner controversy by coming up with a hilarious new movie idea for him. As you know, Kevin directed and starred in the Oscar-winning movie “Dances With Wolves,” and that’s where Lauren comes in with a fresh new spin on that.

Here’s what Lauren said: “How did Kevin Costner go from Dancing with Wolves to slumming with RINOs?”

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Ahh yes, that classic film, “Slumming With RINOs” starring Liz Cheney and co-starring Adam Kinzinger and Mitt Romney. Directed by Kevin Costner and produced by Mitch McConnell… It sounds like a winner. I think it’s a top contender for a Golden Raspberry Award.

The Golden Raspberry Award is a parody award show honoring the worst of cinematic under-achievements. 

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