Rep Boebert Has Many Savage Tweets, But This One Directed to Liz “Abe Lincoln” Cheney is Her BEST Yet

Rep Boebert Has Many Savage Tweets, But This One Directed to Liz “Abe Lincoln” Cheney is Her BEST Yet

Rep Boebert is kinda like Ted Cruz. She has a reputation for really throwing out some zinger tweets. She can take an opponent down with just a few lines. She’s a wordsmith, and that’s why so many on the left detest her and why her Twitter account is one of the most frequently attacked. So, we love it when we see a tweet from her, and today, as I was perusing the internet looking for interesting things to show you, I saw her latest tweet about Liz Cheney, and I kid you not, this has to be her best tweet, ever. It’s brilliant.

As you likely know by now, Liz was soundly defeated last night in Wyoming. Her days in Congress are coming to a very abrupt end, thanks to her Stage 5 TDS. Liz lost her seat by about 40 points, which is even worse than experts predicted. It was a humiliating and crushing defeat. So, what did Liz do in the face of such a mammoth rejection? Did she gracefully walk off the public stage and go contemplate where her career went wrong?

Oh, hell no.

Instead, Liz compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and then suggested she was going to run for president in 2024. This woman is such a selfish, narcissistic elitist, that after losing by such a humiliating number, she decides it’s likely time to run for president. Ha ha ha. I mean, do these people ever take a minute to listen to themselves? And they call Trump the “unhinged” one?


Well, Rep Boebert got wind of the absurd “Abe” reference, and that’s where her amazing tweet comes in… again, this is one for the record books, I don’t know how Lauren will ever top this beauty:

Here’s what Lauren said: “Liz Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln last night in her concession speech. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves from the Democrats, he didn’t become a slave to the Democrats.”

Ouch, can you feel the burn?

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That was the best response to the “Abe” reference, ever.

It’s unreal how out of touch and self-centered these political elites are. Liz is especially insane. But it’s her TDS that’s driving her over the edge. She reminds me a lot of  Griffin in the early days of her Stage 5 TDS, when she couldn’t stop obsessing over Trump, and eventually, her entire career went down the tubes.

That’s where Liz is at, and unfortunately for her, she’s crossed the line, and there’s no way back at this point. So, Liz will end up like Kathy did… alone in a rubber room with poop-smeared walls, mumbling about “Trump” and “democracy.”

It’s a really sad, but very fitting ending for a warmongering Cheney.

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