Liz Cheney’s Epic Wyoming Loss is Even More Humiliating Than We First Realized

Liz Cheney’s Epic Wyoming Loss is Even More Humiliating Than We First Realized

It looks like the epic Liz Cheney defeat in Wyoming, which is officially at 40 percent, is even worse than we first thought. If you’ll recall, as things started looking grimmer, Liz Cheney began begging Dems to switch parties and vote for her in the primary at the end of June. The Hill reported that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is looking to recruit registered Democrats to switch their party affiliation in order to vote for her in Wyoming’s Aug. 16 primary.

Her campaign website offers instructions for how voters can change their party affiliation in order to vote in the Republican primary and even directs them to a Wyoming voter registration change form. The New York Times also reported on Thursday that Cheney’s campaign has been sending out mailers to Wyoming Democratic voters with information about voting in the Republican primary.

Wyoming allows voters to change their party affiliations by mail up to 14 days before the primary. Voters can also switch their party affiliation at the polls.

The final results may not have been what Liz was hoping for, but they’re what she deserved, especially when she tried to cheat, because that’s exactly what that was: cheating.


But we knew this ploy wouldn’t work. One pollster said there simply weren’t enough Dem voters to tip the race to Liz. Not by a longshot. But, we now know how lopsided Liz’s defeat actually was. Like I said, officially she lost the GOP primary by 40 percent, which is horrific and probably a “record.”

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However, it’s so much worse. We weren’t factoring in her Dem support — and by the looks of things; it was HUGE. So, she likely only garnered about 15 percent Republican support.

Here’s what The Federalist editor Sean Davis said in a series of tweets:

Liz Cheney’s loss is even more lopsided than it looks because of the number of Dems who voted for her. In 2018, 16,000 Dems voted in the House primary. In 2020, nearly 25,000 voted. This year? Barely 7,500. By my count, at least 25% of Cheney’s “GOP” total came from Democrats.

Where did all those Dem voters go? Why did the typical 6-to-1 ratio of GOP-to-Dem primary voters in Wyoming jump to 23-to-1 (!) this year? Easy: Cheney pushed same-day registration rules so lifelong Dems could vote for her, which they did. Because even they know she’s now a Dem.

So, if 25K Dems voted in 2018, let’s say 20K voted this year, that means nearly 13K of her votes came from Dems.

WOW. That really tells you just how unpopular Liz Cheney was in Wyoming with R voters, doesn’t it?

And what’s even funnier, is that after all that, Liz is now considering a run for President. Can you imagine being such a clueless narcissist, that you think you should run for President after getting your butt kicked so badly in your home state?

I love President Trump’s statement:

I am telling you, TDS is one helluva disease, folks. It does more to destroy people and their careers than alcoholism or drug abuse. It’s amazing to see, and as of now, there’s no cure, so you just have to sit back and watch these mouth-foaming loons implode.

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