[VIDEO] Hey MAGA, Wanna See The Biden’s Spit Right In Your Face? Watch This Air Force One Clip

[VIDEO] Hey MAGA, Wanna See The Biden’s Spit Right In Your Face? Watch This Air Force One Clip

Do you want to see how much Joe Biden hates you and wants to make you feel like you’re a worthless peasant, with no power and no rights? Well, if you want to see that, all you have to do is watch this 25-second video, and everything will become crystal clear. YOu will have zero doubts about how hateful and spiteful a man, Joe Biden is, and how he knows that the rule of law doesn’t apply to him or his skeezy family, but it most certainly applies to his political opponents.

Let me set this up for you:

There is evidence all over Hunter Biden’s laptop that his father gave him money that was used to buy sex from a Russian prostitution ring. There is tons of evidence that Joe Biden was working with his son on business dealings while he was Veep. There are porn videos of Hunter, with what looks like underage women, and there are videos of him smoking illegal drugs and carrying illegal firearms — all on a laptop that the FBI has, and will do nothing about… and today, that criminal, Mr. Hunter Biden is flying on Air Force One with his dad, while President Trump just had his home raided by the feds for 9.5 hours, where they ransacked his house, broke into his safe, and went pawing through his wife’s closet.

So, yeah, this is what I like to call a huge wet Biden loogie spat right into MAGA’s face.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Hey Merrick, when are you gonna raid Joe’s crackhead perverted son?” 

“Why is this criminal on the plane. Must been heading to make some deals for more millions”

“Well, it’s nice to know that half of America is Joe’s enemy… Great uniter lol” 

“Joe knows that you can’t touch his son, and he’s throwing it in your face with this move” 

“this says it all 2 crooks on the plane while all along Trump is being raided wow the Gov is a banana republic”

“This is such a slap in the face to half of this country.” 

“Just so you know, this is who Joe Biden’s been his entire career, an arrogant, entitled a**hole who loves sticking it to his enemies” 

“As he gets older, his brain turns to water, but he gets meaner and nastier. He’s always been a real jerk” 

” I gotta say, I think Joe’s actually more evil than Hillary” 

I think Joe is on equal footing with Hillary. He just seems less imposing because most of his brain has fallen out of his ears.

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