Conservative Lawyer May Have Just Found a Sneaky Way to End Dems’ “Mail-In” Voting

Conservative Lawyer May Have Just Found a Sneaky Way to End Dems’ “Mail-In” Voting

Will Chamberlin is a conservative lawyer who is very popular on Twitter. He chimes in a lot on big issues as they unfold, and one item that he’s been very vocal on is the Dems’ mail-in voting scheme, with good reason. Back in 2018, I believe Dems tested out “ballot harvesting” in California and saw how good it worked. If you’ll recall, that was the year when so many conservatives looked to have won their races, but then, as the night droned on, and more “ballots” flooded in, the tide quickly turned, and Dems had “upset” victories all over the place — even in red House districts. It was a big deal at the time, I remember writing many articles on “Ballot Harvesting,” knowing in my gut that there was something brewing — but I had no idea it would be used to rig the 2020 election, but in my humble opinion, that’s precisely what happened.

And Dems couldn’t have pulled it off without ballot harvesting, and nothing says “ballot harvest” quite like a tsunami of mail-in ballots.

So, obviously, this is a concern, because even though COVID is gone, the mail-in ballots have remained… which is your first clue that they were never ever about “COVID” to begin with, right? But we already knew that, didn’t we?

So, Will got to thinking about how to end this scheme at the “federal” level, and he came up with an idea that involves the post office and having Congress ban the use of the USPS for state and local elections — take a look at what he said and see what you think of this idea.

Here’s what Will said in a series of tweets:

Random thought, and maybe my more sophisticated legal followers can chime in Couldn’t Congress ban the use of the postal service for state and local elections? Good way to ban vote-by-mail shenanigans in one fell swoop

Obviously state elections as a general matter are a matter for state governments BUT the postal service belongs to the feds, there are all sorts of civil/criminal laws relating to abuse of the federal postal system

I think this is a very interesting idea.

Now, there was some good push back, for instance, one Twitter user said that would likely violate the voting rights act because it would infringe on the Military’s right to vote.

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Will thought about that and came up with this response:

That could be a carve-out You could also carve out traditional absentee categories, perhaps?

Again, good idea.

One user chimed in and said this: “Biggest problem is that Republicans would have to win both houses and the Presidency to do it, and once in the driver’s seat, why wouldn’t they prefer commandeering an efficient election cheating machine to destroying it?”

Will responded this way: “You’re never going to commandeer any sort of Democratic machine, you have to dismantle them.”

I couldn’t agree more… dismantling is the only way to do it. But, one user pointed out that while the idea was great, the next time Dems were in full power, they could just bring it all back again.

Sounds disheartening, but eventually, we’re going to get this figured out and dismantle their entire apparatus. Don’t give up and keep fighting, because believe it or not, we’re winning.

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