[VIDEO] One President Walks Off Marine One Like a BOSS, The Other Guy Needs Help Dressing Himself

[VIDEO] One President Walks Off Marine One Like a BOSS, The Other Guy Needs Help Dressing Himself

You may have seen the video of Joe Biden struggling to get his blazer on, right after he and Jill shuffled off of Marine One. Joe stood there, trying to figure out how to get his arm through the hole, and when he wasn’t having any success, his nursemaid Jill stepped in, and made it worse. She actually stuck his hand in his pocket, as she struggled to help dress her feeble, bumbling husband. Finally, Jill managed to get the jacket on him, only to have Joe walk off in the wrong direction with his stupid signature “Aviators” falling off his face.

It was quite a perfect display of America’s current situation, where we look like we’re running a nursing home out of the White House, not a government. We’ve got Joe Biden, who can’t speak, can’t walk, can’t ride a bike, and can’t dress himself, and his wife, the shrill, power-hungry nursemaid who thinks Hispanic people are tacos. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this video below, with over half a million views, shows Joe and Jill trying to successfully get a coat on, on the lower screen, while a much more capable and stylish-looking Donald and Melania exit Marine One like America First royalty.


Here’s what people online are saying:

Just a reflection of the country itself…very sad.”

“It looks like a woman wearing a tablecloth trying to make a bed in a tornado.”

“The Bidens are pathetic. Good post.”

“Did she change his diaper too?”

“And compare the first ladies…Jill’s style is so cheesy looking and classless. Melania is always beautiful and elegant, even when she’s not in an expensive gown.”

“No comparison. The real President is so classy except to those who hate America. Biden is as useful as a chocolate coffee cup.”

“We make fun of ‘ol Joey but I have seen seniors in nursing homes that could put their clothes on better. It’s really pathetic and demoralizing.”

Joe Biden has always been a joke and a laughingstock, so what’s happening to him now is the twilight of his life, seems fitting and deserving.

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