[VIDEO] After His Big Win, MMA Fighter Uses Victory Speech to Call Jimmy Kimmel a “Pedophile” On Live TV

[VIDEO] After His Big Win, MMA Fighter Uses Victory Speech to Call Jimmy Kimmel a “Pedophile” On Live TV

Well, apparently, MMA fighter Joe Bauman is not a big fan of late-night Jimmy Kimmel. And you can’t really blame him. Kimmell is an elitist, partisan hack, who’s allowed Stage 5 TDS to eat his brain. The ratings for his show have gone down the drain, as most people have grown tired of these hypocritical elite celebs telling normal people who to live, think, vote, and feel. But this MMA fighter took things to a whole new level. The Daily Caller reported that MMA fighter Joel Bauman launched into a bizarre tirade after a match in August, using his time in front of the camera to lash out against Jimmy Kimmel by calling him a “pedophile.”

After his TKO victory over Anthony Ivy in Fury FC 68, Bauman took control of the microphone and started his attack. He began by plugging his NFTs, and then took a sharp turn with his conversation. “To all those doubting my NFT, you’re looking at the guy that’s the reason that college athletes and high school athletes are getting paid today,” Bauman said, touting his own success. “Secondly, Jimmy Kimmel, viral this. I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet, and until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, you’re all pedophiles to me. Eat dick!” he shouted.

You can watch the video below:

Now, I don’t know if what he says about Jimmy Kimmel is true, but I will say that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

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