NeverTrumpers Are Claiming Trump is “Ruining GOP Chances” in 2022… They’re Lying, And I have Proof

NeverTrumpers Are Claiming Trump is “Ruining GOP Chances” in 2022… They’re Lying, And I have Proof

First off, I want to give you all a warning, and I hope you take it very seriously: Please prepare yourself for the incoming gaslighting that’s coming and don’t freak out. You will now see polls showing R’s losing races, and Biden’s polls going up. You’ll hear the media talking about how the Red Wave has fizzled, and there’s this amazing “resurgence in Dem voter enthusiasm.” They’ll tell you races are now tight, and they’ll show you polls to back it up. They’ll make it sound like the 2022 midterms are a dogfight. They’ll say Trump is to blame for all of this, and R candidates should stop talking about him. NeverTrump and GOP establishment will push DeSantis 2024.

Don’t listen, it’s all lies. 

This crap is so predictable, and happens every election, exactly the same way, yet we keep falling for it. Not this time. Don’t do it.

I have seen the “blame Trump” stuff already. It’s everywhere. I see it a lot from the conservative crowd that supports DeSantis. I know there are still many of you that don’t want to believe this is happening, but it really truly is. I am online 24/7 on every platform out there, and I see it everywhere. The owner of Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, and nearly his entire crew are actively pushing this message online daily. Yesterday, Shapiro posted many tweets on the subject. Here are a few:

The Republicans are losing steam in the 2022 election. There are some reasons for this, the Democratic upswing in the wake of Dobbs being the most obvious factor. But there’s something else going on here that represents a deeper problem for the Republican Party.

This means that when Trump is attacked, Republicans immediately return to making him the centerpiece of the conversation – and this harms them electorally, as every poll is now showing.

Two things can be true at once: first, the FBI raid on Trump looks like a political hit; second, the more Republicans talk about Trump, the worse they do electorally.

There is a reason Democrats are eager to keep Trump at the center of the conversation: half of independents say Trump is a major factor in their vote, and they’re breaking 4-1 for the Democrats. Republicans shouldn’t play that game. If they do, they’re cruising for a bruising.


This is how Ben and his crew at Daily Wire feel. They dislike Trump. Tremendously. Always have, and always will. Will they vote for him? Maybe, but very reluctantly, and the second someone “better” comes along, they’ll do whatever they can to steer people away from Trump.

In 2016 it’s rumored that Ben voted for Hillary Clinton. We know he didn’t vote for Trump.

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He had a brief change of heart in 2020 and said he’d vote for Trump. But Ben is an idiot, for the most part. He’s basically Paul Ryan, but he pretends not to be, so his website Daily Wire will continue to thrive. Some of you may not believe me, I don’t care, it’s the truth, and you’ll either come to see it now or later. But you will see it.

So, Ben, his crew, and many others like Ben, are spreading this toxic message that Trump is to blame for the downfall of GOP candidates. First off, there isn’t a downfall. GOP candidates are doing good and will continue to do good. Are some candidates in tough races that we knew would be “dogfights”? Yes. But shying away from President Trump is the wrong idea… and I have proof.

Richard Baris is one of the best and most respected pollsters in this country. He’s gotten more right than most anyone out there and he doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He’s been watching this “Trump’s fault” nonsense unfold, and here’s what he’s saying about it. Baris responded to another political account that was calling out this “Blame Trump” nonsense sarcastically:

It’s all lies. Trump has never been more popular, and for good reason.

Don’t get gaslit. Trust me, they want to crush your spirit. Don’t let them.

President Trump isn’t “ruining” anything. Please, do not listen to these NeverTrumpers and closet NeverTrumpers or the media. Just put your head down, and vote. And make sure everyone you know is doing the same thing.

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