[VIDEO] Newt Says “FBI Raid” Reveals How Dem’s Local and State “Machine” Just Went National For the First Time

[VIDEO] Newt Says “FBI Raid” Reveals How Dem’s Local and State “Machine” Just Went National For the First Time

I love Newt Gingrich. I actually met him, once. I was working in Las Vegas, at The Venetian Hotel, in the PR department, and I was at the Phantom of the Opera box office, because we had some VIPs who were attending, and out of nowhere, I see Newt and his lovely wife waltz past me and head into the theatre. I did not know they were coming, but I was thrilled. I walked into the theatre and quickly spotted them sitting in the center of the theatre, kinda far back. I walked over and introduced myself and told him I was a big fan of his. He shook my hand and squeezed it in the most friendly and warm-hearted way. He said, “Well, Missy, tell me about yourself…” That took me by such surprise… he wanted to know about me and he seemed so interested. So, I gave him my quick background and then asked him if he and his wife wanted to move up to the front row. He asked her, and she smiled very nicely, and shook her head and said he wanted to stay put — which was actually smart, Phantom in Vegas, was best watched from farther back. Anyway, that’s my Newt story, and now, let me tell you about this other story, involving him and the FBI raid on President Trump.

Newt is known as the “smartest man in politics” and he has that reputation for a reason — this guy always knows what’s really going on, on a level that we don’t. And this FBI raid is no exception.  Newt gets into the nitty gritty of what we’re watching unfold and he does it by first explaining what we’re all witnessing in the first ever national socialist agenda unfolding. Newt explains that we’ve seen this stuff before from the Dems, on a local or state level, but never nationally, and it’s really making the American people uncomfortable.

Now, while Newt is right, and I am not trying to correct him, I will say that what he calls “socialism” I call “communism.” There’s a distinct difference:

The main difference is that under communism, most property and economic resources are owned and controlled by the state (rather than individual citizens); under socialism, all citizens share equally in economic resources as allocated by a democratically-elected government.

I definitely feel we’re going down the commie road with these Dems. There is no “kumbaya/let’s share the love” type of feelings, this rogue government wants to control everything, and one man is standing in their way: Donald J. Trump.

You can watch the video below:

I think Newt hits the nail on the head.

Here’s what people online are saying:

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“And if they can convict him of spitting on the sidewalk, they can prevent him from running in 24.”

“Lets think about what crazy stuff Dems are doing now on a state level and stop it, before this happens again” 

“I think he got dirt on some people.”

“We the people along with Trump need to end their gravy train like yesterday”

“Actually…God will end the gravy train”

“This MACHINE Newt speaks of is really terrifying, especially when it’s been operating for years under our noses” 

We need to pay much closer attention to the crazy stuff Dems are doing in cities and states because their end goal is to push that on everyone. They have no intention of staying “local” for very long. We need to recognize that and stomp out their agenda right away.

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