Pennsylvania Democrat Switches Parties After 34 Years… She’s a Republican Now

Pennsylvania Democrat Switches Parties After 34 Years… She’s a Republican Now

I know many people are abandoning the Democrat Party, and it’s happening A LOT in Pennsylvania, but this one woman, is a very interesting case. She’s been a Dem for 34 years. That’s a really long time, and now, she’s had enough and she’s become a Republican. But what drove her to do this? Well, surprisingly enough it was COVID and the way Dems handled it… and no, it’s not about “tyranny,” although, yes, some of that played a role — she’s staunchly against mask mandates in schools. But she believes the Dems didn’t do enough to help the underprivileged and basically left them on their own through the pandemic. And for her, that was the straw that finally broke the donkey’s back.

The New York Post reported that Pennsylvania Democrats are leaving the party in droves, with almost 8,400 Democrats in just the western part of the state switching parties to become Republicans ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Pennsylvania mother Beth Ann Rosica joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the data and what issues she believes are prompting the mass exodus. “I think the economy is huge, and I also think a lot of the school issues for parents across the state of Pennsylvania, it’s just been horrific watching what’s happened to our kids academically, socially, emotionally,” Rosica told co-host Carley Shimkus.

“All of these failed policies have just really resulted in academic losses.” Rosica said many parents are “fed up and disgusted with what’s happened here over the last two and a half years” with surging inflation and gas prices. According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, more than 39,000 Democrats have switched their party registration in 2022. In contrast, only around 12,000 voters have switched to the Democratic Party from the GOP.

“As a former Democrat for 34 years prior to the pandemic, I too thought that the Democratic Party was really focused on the people that they pretend to support,” Rosica said.

She explained how she has dedicated her career to helping families in underprivileged communities get the resources they need to be successful, a narrative the Democratic Party always claimed to support. “What I saw through the pandemic was that the Democratic Party basically abandoned all of those people,” Rosica said. “And so that was why I left the party, or as I like to say, the party really left me, and I think that a lot more people are really starting to see that.”

Let’s hope we continue to see these types of changes as we head into the 2022 midterms. We’re only a few months away from the election and we need to make sure it’s a sea of red.

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