[VIDEO] Pelosi Calls China The “Freest Society in The World” While Savannah Guthrie Looks On Horrified

[VIDEO] Pelosi Calls China The “Freest Society in The World” While Savannah Guthrie Looks On Horrified

There’s a moment at the end of this short clip when you can see Savannah Guthrie looks horrified, not because she dislikes what Pelosi is saying, but because Pelosi let the cat out of the bag. Savannah’s got that really nervous and awkward half-smile plastered on her face while Pelosi sits there, praising China’s so-called “democracy” and declaring they’re the “freest society in the world.” Savannah kinda leans in, towards the camera, with that fake and uncomfy smile, as if to say,”Okay, granny, someone’s had enough to drink… time for night-night.”

That’s the face…we all know that phony fake news face, don’t we? That look when the so-called “reporter” is trying to cover for a Democrat who just made an oopsie on live TV.

It was literally shocking to hear Nancy Pelosi say those words about China and you have to wonder, did she mean China, or was she talking about Taiwan? Who knows, she’s either drunk or has a raging case of dementia like Joe does, but would it shock anyone to see Pelosi praising China? Of course not, the Dems are owned by China, lock, stock, and barrel and everybody knows it… most of Congress is, probably heaps of people on the right are compromised by China, too.

So, it’s hard to say if Pelosi really was talking about China, or if she was drunk or mentally ill, but either way, the American people lose, don’t we?

I guess until she takes a breathalyzer or a cognitive test, we’ll just have to believe she really thinks China, one of the most ruthless communist regimes in the world, is a “democracy” and “free society.” And I guess that’s the utopia that she and Joe are trying to recreate in America… and after last night’s raid on President Trump, it looks like they’re right on track.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people online are saying about Pelosi’s comments:

“Well, this is embarrassing. Leaders in the US Government don’t understand the basic definition of democracy. China in NOT a democracy”

“LOL California please get this trash out of congress” 

“Praise my masters, and the people who fill my pockets.”

“Wonder how much she is on the take from China?”

“Drunken Pelosi “

“China is not a democracy you absolute buffoon “

“My God.” 

“these people are either incredibly stupid or downright liars. Neither one is good for our country”

“As someone pointed out to me, she might have meant to say Taiwan and just accidentally said China. Either way, incredibly embarrassing moment for Pelosi.”

“Was she hooked up to the Smirnoff drip again.”

As of this publishing, we haven’t heard of any corrections from Speaker Pelosi’s office, so we’re assuming for now, that she stands by her words.

But if she got this wrong, it’s hardly any better… Congress is looking and sounding like a nursing home more and more every day. Why are we allowing senile buffoons to run our lives?

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