The People of Taiwan Just Gave Pelosi The Greatest Nickname Ever

The People of Taiwan Just Gave Pelosi The Greatest Nickname Ever

What is Nancy Pelosi doing? Why is this 187-year-old vodka prune traveling anywhere, let alone Taiwan of all places? She should be home, taking a nap under a blanket, not trying to start up WW3, so her military-industrial complex pals can rake in the money and add a second infinity pool to their backyard. USA Today reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi highlighted strong support for Taiwan as she wrapped her visit Wednesday, while China announced it would conduct live-fire military drills in response to her controversial trip to the self-governed island.

Pelosi, who met with Taiwan’s top leaders then departed, addressed threats from Beijing, saying she hopes it’s clear that while China has prevented Taiwan from attending certain international meetings, “they understand they will not stand in the way of people coming to Taiwan as a show of friendship and of support.”

“Our congressional delegation’s visit should be seen as a strong statement that America stands with Taiwan,” Pelosi said in a statement Wednesday. “We came to Taiwan to listen to, learn from, and show our support for the people of Taiwan, who have built a thriving democracy that stands as one of the freest and most open in the world.”

Okay, that’s really great, Nancy, but the Biden admin doesn’t seem to agree with you…

This is what Biden spox John Kirby said while Pelosi was in Taiwan… what on earth is going on here? Just more of that typical Biden/Dem confusion.


So, what exactly was the point of that visit? To give China a reason to start up military drills, so they can get started on their war as quickly as possible? I mean, we need something new, don’t we? The Ukraine thing never really caught on, did it? Trust me, this is all theatrics, and China, Pelosi, and Biden’s team are all playing for the same damn team.

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But Pelosi’s political stunt didn’t fool everyone in Taiwan. There were groups of pro-China protesters who were not happy about Pelosi’s visit. They claim she’s a “trouble maker” and told her to leave.

One group of these protesters really went the extra mile and came up with a new nickname for Pelosi, and while I don’t agree with their commie politics, I absolutely embrace their “nicknaming” abilities. Here’s what they came up with: “American Witch.”

Talk about “spot-on,” right?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“WOW! They know….”

“But wait… .we don’t want her back.. send her somewhere else, please and thank you”

“If you know then you know, and they know”

She’s already screwed up #America, and other countries. Now onto #Taiwan her day out office will come soon or later. What a great day that will be.”

“Outstanding. Can we get that engraved on her office door, please?”

“Well….we don’t want her back either.”

“Nancy’s reputation precedes her.”

Again, all of this is political theatre. The Ukraine and Russia dustup is theatre as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the US, Ukraine, Russia, and China all got together to plan this whole show out, and are following a script as we speak, complete with the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” It’s like WWF wrestle mania, where the end is already pre-determined, and the drama is just for show.

Either way, I think we need to keep using “American Witch” for Pelosi.

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