The Polling is Out on The Communist-Style FBI Raid, and Biden and Garland Won’t Be Happy

The Polling is Out on The Communist-Style FBI Raid, and Biden and Garland Won’t Be Happy

One of the most trusted pollsters in the country is Trafalgar. They have the best record out there, and even though they are operated by a conservative, he doesn’t gaslight. If it’s bad news, tough luck, and deal with it, because Trafalgar will not sugar-coat it to ease your tender feelings. So, they’ve conducted the polling on the raid by the disgraced communist FBI, who ransacked President Trump’s home and pawed through Melania’s private closet for almost 10 hours, and the results of that disgusting act will have Joe and his communist sidekick Merrick Garland very unhappy.

You can read the entire poll here. I will share the highlights with you below:

The poll was conducted from August 9-August 10, 2022. There were 1,095 likely voter respondents. The margin of error is 2.9% and confidence is 95%.

Here’s question one, and my comments are italicized.

Does the FBI raid on President Trump increase your motivation to vote in the 2022 election?

This is America and we don’t believe in treating your political opponents like they do in North Korea.

Question two:

Will you be voting in the upcoming midterm election?(Required)
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Who do you believe is behind the FBI raid on President Trump’s private home?

It’s obvious this is a political hit and the American people know it, although, that top number should be a lot higher if you ask me.

What’s really interesting is the enthusiasm the raid gave to independents. 71.7% are now more motivated to vote in 2022. And I think that’s a clear sign they want to reign in the Dems’ power.

The majority of Independents (53.9%) believe President Trump’s political enemies are targeting him.

Overall, this is good news for the GOP and President Trump. It’s a silver lining in an otherwise very scary and horrific situation. And this may also explain why Kevin McCarthy is pushing so hard to get Republicans to oppose this North-Korea-style raid very loudly. He sees how unpopular it was.

We’ll see what the left does moving forward and if Merrick Garland indicts President Trump on some phony charges.

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