What’s Really Going On With President Trump’s Missing Passports

What’s Really Going On With President Trump’s Missing Passports

Update at the end of this article. 

The communist FBI raid of President Trump’s private home is just getting worse and worse. It happened last week, but we’re still discovering items they took. Last week, President Trump alerted everyone that Biden’s Feds took private and confidential lawyer/client documents. Now, we’re learning that Joe’s feds took President Tump’s passports. President Trump took to Truth Social, where he described what happened:

Former US Attorney Brett Tolman is shocked by this move and called it an “outrageous overreach.”

Yes, to say the least. 

Here’s what Brett said: “If true, this is an outrageous overreach. Passports can be ordered by a court seized once an individual is indicted based upon concerns they may be a flight risk. I have never seen passports seized pursuant to search warrant except where the target used fake passports.”

But what’s really going on here?

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I’ll tell you — they’re getting ready to arrest President Trump. This is all part of the plan to destroy him before 2024. They want to arrest him, get the “perp-walk” on camera, and have two years of “Russia-hoax-like” coverage of Trump’s so-called “espionage” so they can tank him in 2024. This is more election meddling. They didn’t unleash a virus this time… now, they’re doing the jail plan.

I have been saying for years that the right needs to fight harder against the communist left. We’ve gotten better, but we’re nowhere near the level these people are at, and it’s scary because now, President Trump is facing some really serious stuff.

Would you trust the useless GOP to back you up in a time of trouble? I know I sure as heck wouldn’t.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec is also convinced the arrest is coming. Here’s what he said in a tweet: “Do you really think they just want to indict Giuliani? Of course they are planning to indict Trump. Wake up. Read a book. This is how these always play out”

Here is what people online are saying:

“They have to indict him. They crossed the Rubicon. It’s downhill from here.”


“Interfering in the election AGAIN” 

“I expect an indictment for Trump. It’s all but inevitable.”

“He knows it’s coming. He’s not stupid.” 

“What happens when he’s indicted? Is the perp walk on CNN inevitable?”

“Trump will prevail and the left will fail! Nothing has stuck for 6 years because they have nothing on him! We will win despite their political attacks!”

“Planning is one thing. Doing is another. The entire nation, even nonpolitical types, have awoken and realize they’ve been had by the news media. FBI will never get another conviction on anybody”

Folks, if you’re not already prepared, you need to brace yourself, because it’s coming. This is all part of their plan to interfere with 2024. The J6 reboot was a flop, so they need more. Either they will go with the espionage angle, or they’ll try to piece together some “J6 evidence” against President Trump. But either way, they will arrest him. This is a “Hail Mary” for a desperate and dying Deep State.

The only thing that could stop this is a massive and overwhelming feeling of “backlash” from the general public, and I think that’s what President Trump is trying to stir up now. We’ll see if that works.

Biden has literally turned the US into North Korea. He’s now running around, trying to arrest his political opponents. This is sickening, and the American people cannot stand for this.

UPDATE: The DOJ claims they don’t have President Trump’s passport. Hmm. Maybe a rogue FBI agent took them as a souvenir?

She then followed up by saying this: “We are also learning tonight that if any items not contained in the warrant were retrieved during the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, they will be returned”

And now, today, we learn that yes, they did steal President Trump’s passports:


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