Scott Adams Brilliantly Reveals The Left’s “Hoax Pattern” With This New Mar-a-Lago “Nuke Story”

Scott Adams Brilliantly Reveals The Left’s “Hoax Pattern” With This New Mar-a-Lago “Nuke Story”

So, the new “anonymous source” story from WAPO is that President Trump was building nuclear arms at Mar-a-Lago… sounds outrageous right? Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but they are eluding that Trump had “nuclear secrets” and was possibly looking to sell them to our enemies… Of course, President Trump denies this nonsense, it’s just ridiculous how the left either treats President Trump like an evil “Bond villain” or a bumbling orange dummy. Which one is it, guys, because it can’t be both.

But this is a pattern that the left follows when they’re unleashing their hoaxes. It’s very much a “communist propaganda” blueprint. And here’s how it starts: Wapo reports that anonymous “sources familiar with the investigation” claim the FBI was recovering documents related to nuclear weapons. Then, a million other outlets report what Wapo is reporting, and the part about the anonymous sourcing gets lost.

This is exactly what the fake news did with the Russia hoax, day in and day out for about 4 years, and the same with impeachment 1 and 2, and January 6th — basically anything at all to do with President Trump. This is how it all starts with the big “anonymous source” story in either the New York Times or WAPO, and it just rolls on like a snowball downhill, from there.

From that anon source, the hoax pattern is established. And that’s where conservative pundit Scott Adams comes in. He brilliantly and very quickly explained the pattern, and how these coordinated left-wing hoaxes develop:

Treat the Mar-a-Lago story as a filter that reveals how all of the other hoaxes were designed. Look for the common elements. Desperation Anonymous sources Perfectly timed Too on-the-nose Not confirmed by other reporting Amplified by “if it is true…” stories, all day long

In the final phase, which one might call The Mueller Report Phase, we learn the story was a political hoax, but the damage has been done, and half the country doesn’t hear about the debunking. Their news sources will simply say some other version of the story was true.

Good grief, here we go again, and the stories are just getting goofier as we go. They are really desperate now.

Ben Shapiro put it best: “Just to get this straight, we’re now supposed to believe that the material Trump had stored in his house was nuclear content so sensitive the FBI waited a year and a half to go get it and used the National Archives as a prop to do so?”

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Scott also added this gem: “Get ready for the Schiff-in-a-SCIF play, in which Adam Schiff claims to have seen the nuclear weapons documents removed from Mar-a-Lago. . . but he can’t tell you more. Trust him. He saw it with his own bug eyes.”

Yep, definitely part of the pattern we’re used to with these communist ghouls.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I’m just amazed at all the college professor blue checks on here who are unquestionably supporting the FBI without any facts out yet. These weren’t the profs I knew and had in college in the late 1980’s.”

“Thank you. I’ve definitely noticed a LOT of the “If it’s true…” statements. Reeks of strawman.”

“I feel like we’ve all seen this dance a million times between 2016-2020” 

“and if you dare to question anything or criticize the FBI, you’re a russian lol” 

“This is going to be fun. There he goes again. Trump making politics fun again. I love that man!” 

“They need to publish report on how many hours and money they waited on this fake investigations. I bet for those money and hours they spent, they could pay off a lot of student loans in our country!”

“These elements are used to maneuver the steps of the Democrat Hoax Playbook: 1. Anchor the public 2. Leverage confirmation bias 3. Reinforce the hoax by repeating 1 and 2. 4. Develop sub-narratives to keep it alive.”

“But how perfect? They now have Trump hiding secrets in Melania’s Victoria Secrets lmao”

“Another common element? The FBI was involved. They are as dirty as a mud puddle” 

Scott’s right. We’ve all seen this before. It’s an “all-hands-on-deck” and “circle the wagons” approach from all the left-wing nutbags in the media. There’s a “feverish” mouth-foaming quality to this whole frenzy as well. These reporters all suffer from Stage 5 TDS and doing these hoax stories is like a crack fix for them.

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