Seattle Dem Quickly Takes Back Offer to Allow Homeless People to Live in Her Backyard

Seattle Dem Quickly Takes Back Offer to Allow Homeless People to Live in Her Backyard

A Seattle Democrat activist was furious that homeless people are being uprooted and moved around the city. A local independent conservative reporter was nearby, and the woman picked a fight with him, claiming he was spreading lies about the homeless. The two got to talking about the homeless issue, and it won’t surprise you to find out the Dem activist was actually clueless about the issue. One thing led to another, and the reporter asked the activist if she lived in the city and she said she did, and he asked her if she would be willing to let the homeless come stay at her house, and in the heat of the moment, she responded “yes,” and then gave out her address…

The reporter told her he’d get the word out, and he posted the video clip on social media.


As soon as the woman got wind that the video of her inviting the homeless to stay at her house, she flipped out, claimed she was a victim of the conservative reporter and said that he doxxed her, even though she freely gave out her own address.

And with that, the “homeless invite” was off.

My Northwest reported that a Seattle activist was upset that the city swept a dangerous encampment. In response, she offered up her own home for the homeless to sleep in. Hours later, she reportedly regretted that decision.

City workers cleared an encampment in SoDo that created dangerous, untenable conditions for both residents and nearby businesses. Activists, socialist city councilwoman Tammy Morales, and staff at The Seattle Times complained this move was taken “during a heatwave.” Apparently, you’re supposed to keep vulnerable people outside to suffer in the scorching heat, rather than bring them into air conditioning, offering them access to electricity and clean, running water.

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But one activist was so livid that she showed up to protest the sweep. And when she was asked if she would house any of the homeless, she answered in the affirmative, even giving out her address. But like most activists here, she had no intention of following through. She wants to keep them living outside. Now she’s having an online fit.

The activist is now claiming the reporter who posted her invitation for the homeless to come to stay in her backyard, has victimized her.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The letftist stupidity is mind boggling. They all have the same look and feel to them, they all seem to talk with their hands, impassioned, emotional, and the only brain they have is in their chest not in their head. And it’s destroying our country from the inside out.”

“Democrat lunatics create problems through lunatic policies”

“What we have in the world right now is a noxious mix of laziness/escapism, drug addiction, and mental disease consuming the weak minded. It puts a tremendous burden on industrious, wholesome, God-loving people who are now overwhelmed b/c elected bozos are clueless and play the role of enablers to this social blight on society even though they are paid to address it properly. The only fix is a mental stun-gun to these parasitic wastes who have chosen to forcibly encroach on well-meaning people who already are overwhelmed with, metaphorically speaking, keeping their car on the road in a driving blizzard.”

“I don’t care about Seattle and the community of people. It’s all a raging dumpster fire.”

So, it sounds like this woman had no intentions of housing the homeless, and she only said what she did to the reporter to appear virtuous and pretend she cared. Because when the rubber hit the road, this woman wanted nothing to do with actually sacrificing and helping the homeless. Like all typical liberals, she expects other people to do what she’s not willing to do herself.

H/T: Citizen Freepress

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