Kamala’s Hubby Behaved Like an Elitist Jerk at Whole Foods The Other Day

Kamala’s Hubby Behaved Like an Elitist Jerk at Whole Foods The Other Day

Kamala’s husband is a typical liberal elitist, and he made sure everyone knew it during a recent trip to Whole Foods. The man who married the most unpopular VP in the nation’s history is named Douglas Emhoff and he’s a real heartless jerk. Doug went on a field trip to WholeFoods, and while he was there, he took up several handicapped parking spaces. Emhoff’s motorcade blocked off more than one handicapped parking spot for his little shopping jaunt in the swanky Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles. Kamala’s very entitled hubby, who is a high-powered entertainment lawyer, emerged from WholeFoods carrying a couple of bags and jumped back into his motorcade without a care in the world.

Needless to say, people were disgusted. Why is it that these pompous elites, who preach at us about how we should behave, vote, pray, and think, are always the ones doing sh*tty things? I would never hog up one handicap spot, let alone several spots, but this progressive guy, who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone in the country does it without even batting one precious eyelash.

He’s above the rules, right? That’s how elites think.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner was disgusted and called out this smug elitist attitude from the “first gentleman.”


Nobody is really sure why Doug had to go to the market himself, causing this upheaval and issues for everyone, just so he could carry out his two Whole Foods bags.

I am sure Doug was not trying to be mean or hurt anyone, but these elites are just oblivious to everything around them. They truly live in a bubble. They’re the most out-of-touch, narcissistic people around.

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Emhoff is the first person in history to hold the goofy title of “second gentleman.” I don’t know how much of an “honor” that is, since his wife’s poll numbers are embarrassingly low.

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