One Insider Believes “Team DeSantis” is Behind The Raid, and He Describes How It’ll Unfold

One Insider Believes “Team DeSantis” is Behind The Raid, and He Describes How It’ll Unfold

If you read Wayne Dupree, you know we’re big fans of a couple of political blogs — American Thinker and The Conservative Treehouse. Both blogs have fantastic writing and topics, and they never disappoint. “Sundance” is the mastermind behind The Conservative Treehouse and he’s got such keen insight on this political web we’re all tangled in, and he has a way of making sense of even some of the most complex and convoluted issues. So, when he chimed in about the Trump raid with this “DeSantis” theory, I perked up for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the “DeSantis 2024” movement, as many of you know, has been weighing very heavy on me because NeverTrump and GOP establishment are behind it. The second reason is that I know the GOP establishment is as eager as the Dems (maybe more) to stop Trump. So, when you put two and two together, you get this DeSantis theory from Sundance.

I read through his Tweet thread last night and I saved it, knowing I would do a write-up first thing in the morning so I could share it with you.

I think too often when something goes sour for us; we blame the Dems, completely forgetting that our #1 enemy is the GOP. Remember the “Grab ’em by the p*ssy” tape that was released back in 2016? That was our side. That was Romney, Ryan, and that gang teaming up to stop President Trump. Now, is history repeating itself, but this time with Team DeSantis? Keep an open mind and read this tweet thread from Sundance.

I’ve been watching it evolve all year. When the Trump raid happened, it was a very key moment. DeSantis went silent upon instruction from the handlers. Everything now is about club branding and club management. That’s why I knew days ago that Pushaw would depart.

I don’t take such a severe position, as I did on Monday, without overlaying all of the data-points I have assembled. I know it sometimes shocks people, they get mad at me, but as you wait you see it unfold. This is how the club operates.

It’s not DeSantis fault per se’. He doesn’t have many options. He holds no independent wealth to keep the club away from influence. Now he will begin a national tour. A book (written for him) is looming. The pattern never changes.

The “professionals” will now enter the picture. The orbit of DeSantis will be controlled. Representatives will come from the professional political class. Speeches and remarks will be filtered and approved. Risks will be mitigated. Control mechanisms in place.

At first, whenever he reemerges, you will notice an subtle awkwardness… a slight change in the authenticity you used to love. A more careful and deliberate speech pattern. Longer thoughts before responses. More appearances on Fox News. Brett Baier et al, w/ the assist.

Norman Rockwell (optics), Ward Cleaver (tones), soft hues and gentlemanly pastels. Club branding is subtle on the image front, but very clear on the substantive messaging side. Social issues selected to maximize camp coalition, and influence base.

Consistently present political messaging where people can say “yes.” Keep the “yes” messaging at the forefront (social emphasis). Focus on values. Multinational & corporate economics, hard lines, foreign policy, all these things avoided. Stay social. Build emotional connection.

The “Dear Ron DeSantis” commercial immediately proceeded his hide in the bunker time. It’s the emotional stuff. The emotional messaging. Building out the largest coalition. Ward Cleaver. Atwater’s old notebooks are still the primary chapters in the GOPe election book.

Cutting to the chase, the club ticket is: DeSantis and Noem 2024 Either order. D/N or N/D matters not. That’s it. Everything from here to there is shaping, branding, messaging, modifying rules [(primary dates, WTA/Proportionate) done in Dec ’22], and mapping.

The #1 skillset of the professional republican party (GOPe), the right wing of the UniParty, is presenting members with the illusion of choice. The illusion of choice. /END

I’m really curious to know what you think about this thread from Sundance and his theory. Even if you think it’s hogwash, I believe we should be open-minded and not count anything out.

Let’s watch how this unfolds and the messaging that’s coming from Team DeSantis, because I can tell you right now, that Ron’s response to the Trump raid was very flat and uninspiring, especially coming from a guy who is such a “savage fighter” on any other day of the week.

And again, as I have been saying for eons now, there are some very nefarious dark forces who are behind “DeSantis 2024.” And it’s not that they love the guy or anything like that… it’s that they know they can control DeSantis…

And that’s something they cannot do with President Trump.

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