Texas Governor Ships ‘Migrants’ To New York’s Sanctuary City

Texas Governor Ships ‘Migrants’ To New York’s Sanctuary City

Texas has increased the number of cities it transports illegal immigrants to when they are freed at the border, including New York City, in an effort to put pressure on sanctuary city Democrats, including Mayor Eric Adams.

On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) declared that the first bus had arrived in the Manhattan borough. The addition of the bus route to the one already going to Washington, according to Abbott, who is up for re-election in November, is somewhat political and partially logistical.

President Biden’s continuous failure to address the catastrophe brought on by his open border policies has forced Texas to take unprecedented measures to protect its citizens, according to Abbott. The perfect location for these migrants, in addition to Washington, D.C., is New York City, where they can take advantage of the numerous public services and housing options that Mayor Eric Adams has bragged about in the sanctuary city.

Abbott said: “I hope he keeps his word to welcome all migrants with open arms so that our overloaded and overburdened border communities might find some relief.

Adams falsely stated in late July that Texas and Arizona were busing migrants into his city, which is a sanctuary zone and is seen by illegal immigrants as a safe area to stay since local police do not work with federal immigration authorities, even though no buses have yet gone to New York.

The Democratic mayors of New York and Washington were asked by Abbott earlier this week to visit Texas for a tour of the southern border and to observe firsthand how large-scale migrant releases into border communities are hurting his state and the rest of the nation.

Adams and Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington received a letter from Abbott on Monday offering to set up a visit so they could witness firsthand how “local communities are being overrun” as a record-breaking number of undocumented immigrants have been discovered trying to enter the country illegally from Mexico since President Joe Biden took office.

Late in July, the northeastern Democrats entered the immigration discussion because they were alarmed by the amount of illegal immigrants who were choosing to travel to Washington on more than 150 state-funded buses from Texas and Arizona. Bowser did not respond to a request for comment, but Adams’s spokesperson stated that the mayor would not participate in any tours and reiterated that the city was open to accepting migrants despite having complained days previously that it was overrun.

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Adams’s spokesperson, Fabien Levy, issued a statement saying, “Instead of a photo session at the border, we hope Gov. Abbott would spend his attention and resources on providing help and services to asylum seekers in Texas, as we have been hard at work doing in New York City.” We keep working with our federal colleagues to get more funding right away, but we won’t ignore the people who are coming here who are in need.

The few thousand migrants the state has transported by bus to Washington, according to Abbott last week, are nothing compared to the challenges his communities, such as Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and McAllen, have endured over the previous 16 months. In an effort to relieve the pressure on the federal Border Patrol agents, Abbott launched Operation Lone Star a year ago, deploying 10,000 members of the state National Guard. According to Abbott, the federal government should be in charge of border security, but the state has already spent $4 billion on it.

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